Green Party’s Reeder Out Fundraises Incumbent in County Board Race

This race is in Arlington Virginia. John Reeder’s website: http://reeder4arlington.org/

From the Sun Gazette:

The Green Party’s candidate for County Board out-raised the Democratic incumbent during the two months ending Aug. 31, but County Board Vice Chairman Jay Fisette maintained a 10-to-1 cash-on-hand advantage in his bid for a fourth term.

Green Party nominee John Reeder reported $3,038 in contributions during the most recent reporting period, compared to $2,068 for Democrat Fisette, according to campaign filings released Sept. 15 by the State Board of Elections.

Unfortunately for Reeder, he only started the reporting period with $623 on hand, compared to $31,517 for Fisette. Counting expenditures made during the period, Fisette on Sept. 1 began the final two-month stretch to the election with $24,738 on hand, compared to $2,406 for the Reeder campaign.

(There is no Republican candidate in the race.)

Reeder first ran for office under the Green Party banner last year, challenging Democratic County Board member Barbara Favola. In a race that also did not have a Republican contender, Reeder won about 23.3 percent of the vote against Favola – faring better among Arlington voters than Jim Gilmore, the former governor and 2008 Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, who received 22.4 percent of the Arlington vote in his unsuccessful bid for U.S. Senate against Democrat Mark Warner.

In the most recent reporting period, Reeder reported 27 cash contributions, and also reported an $823 contribution he gave his own campaign to pay for printing costs. He received two contributions of $250 each, the highest for his campaign so far.

Fisette, who has served on the County Board since 1998, reported 28 cash contributions during the most recent reporting period. The largest contribution to the campaign during the period was for $250.

The Fisette campaign’s largest expenses during the period were $1,771 for yard signs and supplies and $1,400 to rent space from Signature Theatre for the campaign kick-off event earlier this year.

Fisette also spent the summer months spreading around some of his campaign cash to other Democratic candidates: $2,400 to Creigh Deeds’ gubernatorial campaign, $250 for the campaign of lieutenant governor campaign of Jody Wagner, $250 each for four Fairfax County candidates for House of Delegates, $220 for unopposed School Board candidate James Lander and $50 for Elise Annunziato, a former member of Arlington Young Democrats who has relocated to New Hampshire and is running for local office there.

Reeder’s biggest expense was $352 for postage.

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Ronald Hardy


  1. This is good. Experience shows that Greens can win with 1/10th the money their competitors spend. If we can use tools like online fundraising to narrow the gap from 100-1 to 10-1 in more races, we’ll start seeing a lot more Green victories.

  2. Green Change should set up a tool similar to Act Blue, so that Greens online have a centralized place to donate to a full listing of Green Candidates.

  3. Ross,

    I was just talking about the Act Blue site to someone today! It is impressive, and I’m betting not cheap to set up. Act Blue is basically a Political Action Committee (PAC) registered with the FEC, which permits it to donate to candidates for Federal office (US House, US Senate, President). They take a 3% cut off the top of each donation.

    It is slick, and we definitely need an “Act Green” or some equivalent.

    One variation though is that unlike Act Blue, a Green Party equivalent would likely need permission from the candidates before fund raising for them due to many candidates refusing certain types of donations, including PACs.

  4. It could be done (not completely like ActBlue, but one step closer than we are now) by aggregating a bunch of links to candidates donation pages together on one page, and then highly publicizing an ActGreen website. That way, a donor could go to one page with links to a hundred Green candidates, instead of having to click around all day to find their websites and donation pages.

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