Reverend Billy at Busboys and Poets in DC, Sept. 29

From VoteRevBilly.org:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 8:00pm

Reverend Billy and the Life After Bloomberg Gospel Choir

Busboys and Poets: 5th and K Street, Washington DC
Tuesday Sept 29, 8 PM

Medea Benjamin, Code Pink co-founder, hosts the fundraising part of the evening.
Rev Billy Talen is the Green Party candidate for mayor.

Admission is free — we appreciate your on-site donations to support our campaign!


Now that Rev Billy Talen is on the ballot with nearly 20,000 signatures, the sleepy corrupt politics of New York City can wake up to see the Promised Land. The $300,000 per-day electronic wallpapering of our city with Mike Bloomberg ads, while his Falcon 900 jets buzzes the skyline, has some of us dazzled. But many younger citizens are re-applying the neighborhood-saving of Jane Jacobs with a hip hop spin. Banksy’s walls are the paralyzed half-built condos now standing there in Williamsburg, and the artists are rising in the construction destruction. What is the issue? What’s the beef? What’s the revolution? It’s our Democracy, Stupid!

We’re preaching and singing on the piers, rooftops, parks and streets, trying to plant the seed of free speech to re-start Democracy in our town. Join us! Electa-lujah!

Dave Schwab

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