Greens Hold at 9% in Austrian Provincial Election

I just read that there was also a local election in the Upper Austria province held today. The Greens got 9.2% of the vote, a .2% increase from the last election.

Yesterday’s Upper Austrian provincial election saw disastrous losses for the Social Democrats (SPÖ) leaving them with their worst ever result in the province.

Final results saw the SPÖ gaining only 25.2 per cent of the vote which equals a 13.1 per cent loss and translates into 14 mandates.

The conservative People’s Party ÖVP gained an almost absolute majority securing 46.5 per cent, increasing their share of the vote by 3 per cent on the last election. This will give them a total of 28 seats in the provincial parliament – exactly half.

Right-wing Freedom Party FPÖ emerged the big winner having almost doubled its share since the last election in 2003, gaining 15.3 per cent of the vote. This increase of 6.9 per cent translates into 9 seats.
The Green Party maintained their share of 9.2 per cent of the votes, up just 0.2 giving them 5 seats in parliament.

Source: Austrian Times


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