Update from Rwanda

Posted by David Doonan at the Green Pages Facebook page.

Dear Greens,

Its indeed been a terrible day, the man who started the shouting and threw chairs, we have established that he is an Ex-Soldier and a former employee of Military Intelligence, the other three people who joined him, one of them had something like a gun-pistol, it was also seen by the US Envoy and Netherlands Envoy and many others.

This was a well planned sabotage done by security operatives. Another guy was also from the Local Defense Forces. The police was not helpful at all. It looked like they were compromising us.

What is surprising though is that the police has released the guys who caused trouble and rather arrested our members one of them a mother. Thankfully our members have been released but made statements at the police. They were asked why they decided to be members of our party.

Several people are injured, one Lady is in intensive care. Her Back is having a problem. Am still finding out how many are injured.

Keep us in prayers
Frank Habineza


Western US has 15 Green candidates in Fall 2009 elections


Mary DeCamp – Tucson – City Council, Ward 3


Curtis Robinson – Marin County – Board of Education Trustee, Area 6

Dana Silvernale – Northern Humboldt Union High School District – School Board

Jane Rands – District 72 – State Assembly (special election on 11/17)

Jeremy Cloward – District 10 – US House of Representatives

Jim Harvey – Montara – Water and Sanitation District

Madeline Hope – Shoreline Unified School District Area 1 – School Board of Trustees

Nicole Vigeant – Tomales – Community Services District

Pam Hartwell-Herrero – Fairfax – Town Council

Paul Perkovic – Montara – Water and Sanitary District


Charlie Green – District 3, Fremont RE-3 – School Board

Tanya Ishikawa – Federal Heights – City Council, Ward 1


Alfred Molison – Houston – City Council, District C

Deb Shafto – Houston – City Council, At-Large

Don Cook – Houston – City Council, At-Large


Joe Marino – District 3, Commissioner position 1 – Cemetery District


No Green Party banner over Rwanda; Broken Bones and Arrests instead

This should tell the world what Rwanda, the U.S.A.’s closest ally in Africa, and its President Paul Kagame are:

The Rwandan Democratic Greens tried, for the fourth time, to hold their founding convention in Kigali, but this time the police came instead.

I just spoke to Frank Habineza, interim Rwandan Green Party leader, who is in a Kigali hospital trying to arrange an X-ray for a Rwandan Green, a woman with a broken leg.

Another would be Rwandan Green woman has a broken back.

More are injured, and I believe he said some are in jail. He was on a cell in a hospital and I always have to work to understand his sweet French/Kinyarwanda English accent as well.

He wasn’t able to give me any more details now. He had to hurry off to help his friend with the broken leg.

No news on the Web yet. Frank said to watch the BBC and the Rwandan News Agency websites. I told him the state run Rwandan News Agency website won’t let me on their damn website. He himself had to pay them $250 to get on to pick up the articles he sends me, which are almost always yanked off the site as soon as they’re posted.

I didn’t have a chance to urge Frank to Twitter, but I’m going to try calling again to urge him to do so on my way to San Francisco Superior Court in an hour. Frank Habineza’s twitter account.

I have to run and I’ll be gone all morning, but we obviously we need to get on the phones to the White House, the Rwandan Embassies, and the press.

Greens of course, and I addressed this mostly to Greens, but this isn’t just about Greens, obviously. No one should wind up in a hospital with broken bones, or in jail, for attempting to convene a legal, nonviolent political party.

This is the Rwanda that Bill and Hillary Clinton and Reverend Rick Warren point to as Africa’s future, “a shining beacon of hope for Africa.” Bill Clinton hung a Global Citizenship Award around Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s neck a week before Reverend Rick Warren presented him with the same International Medal of Peace he presented George Bush with last year.

This is the Rwanda that the U.S.A. uses to control the vast geostrategic mineral wealth of its neighbor D.R. Congo.

(Anyone feel free to post this note to Green Party lists and websites, and wherever else, ASAP.)


Green Party highlights candidates to watch on Election Day 2009

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party highlighted several Green candidates running strong campaigns in the 2009 races, with some likely victories on Election Day, November 3.

158 Green Party candidates have announced runs in local and state races.  Below are profiles of some of the more promising and prominent candidates, with campaign web site links and some quotes.  Continue Reading


Matt Reichel: Democratic shame on health care

Today, the single-payer health care community learned of its bitter defeat in the fight for the only just and workable solution to this nation’s health care crisis: expanded and improved medicare for all Americans.

We had been advocating two amendments to the health care bill (HB 3200), both of which were removed from consideration by the Democratic leadership today. One, the Weiner Amendment, would have resulted in an up-down vote on single-payer on the house floor. The other, the Kucinich amendment, would have allowed individual states to institute their own single-payer health care systems. Continue Reading


38 Green candidates in NJ, NY, and PA for Fall 2009


Jason Koralja – Surf City – Borough Council, At-Large

Steven Welzer – General Assembly, District 12


Allen Carstensen – Ulysses – Town Supervisor

Bill Talen – New York City – Mayor

Cesar Malaga – Suffolk County – County Legislature, District 14

Darin Robbins – Corning – Alderman, Ward 7

David Pechefsky – New York City – City Council, District 39

Evergreen Chou – New York City – City Council, District 20

Howie Hawkins – Syracuse – Common Council, District 4

Jeff Peress – Nassau County – County Executive

Jennifer Dotson – Ithaca – Common Council, Ward 1

Joseph Duffy – Hornell – Mayor

Luke Gucker – Albany – Common Council, Ward 11

Lynne Serpe – New York City – City Council, District 22

Mary Jo Long – Afton – Town Council

Mike Sellers – Village of Cobleskill – Mayor

Russell Ziemba – Troy – City Council, District 3

Theresa Burgun – Lewisboro – Town Board

Walter Nestler – New York City – City Council, District 18


Andrew McDowell – East Bradford Township – Judge of Elections

Bert Taylor – Erie – County Council, District 6

Brenda Jo Samryk – York Township – Inspector of Elections

David Brooks – Conestoga Township – Auditor

Dean Hornberger – Exeter Township – Auditor

Diane White – Harrisburg – Judge of Elections, Ward 2 Precinct 2

Edward Gately – Manheim Township – Auditor

Frank Divonzo, Jr. – Paxtung Borough – Auditor

Greta Browne – Bethlehem – Judge of Elections, Ward 2

Jay Sweeney – Falls Township – Auditor

John Irwin – Martic Township – Auditor

Juanita Carra-Budzek – Lehigh – Township Supervisor

Kurt Reichenbach – East Buffalo Township – Auditor

Martin Boksenbaum – Lehigh – Township Supervisor

Mike Korsak – Franklin Township – Auditor

Phil Getty – Solebury Township – Auditor

Shawnya Calp – Penn Township – Inspector of Elections

Steve Baker – Springettsburg Township – Inspector of Elections

Thomas Davidock – Schuylkill – Borough Council


Green Party Website Hacked (Google Innocent)

In a follow up to the mystery of the missing Green Party website on Google searches, an email to Green Party Watch from Google states that the Green Party (US) website gp.org had been removed from the Google index because it had been hacked. Hundreds of hidden links to websites selling prescription drugs is buried on the gp.org website. Google’s standard practice is to remove compromised websites from its search index.

In the mean time, the webmaster for gp.org has been informed of this, and Google has already taken steps of restoring it in the index in anticipation of the website being cleaned up.


Is Google trying to subvert the Green Party?

**EDITORS NOTE This story is updated here. In short, the Green Party national website, gp.org, was hacked. Google removed the site from their search results because of hidden links at the site put there by unauthorized people. According to software engineers at Google, the same person or people did this to quite a few sites. The gp.org website is no longer hacked.**

A search using the Google search engine for the terms
Green Party
“Green Party”
or gp.org
does not generate any links to the Green Party of the United States webpage. None at all.

With the elections only days away, this presents a real problem for Green Party candidates. A voter searching for their local or state Green Party or Green Party candidates will not find any links to the national party if they use any of these search word strings.

A phone call to Google’s Mountain View offices sent me into voice mail hell, so I sent a fax to their number. Their fax number is 1 650-253-0001

They also have offices across the nation. To find one close to you, please visit this link.

Bing and Yahoo! still place gp.org at the top of their search results, but gp.org is not to be found anywhere in Google’s results.

If you are a Google investor, please use your contacts in investor relations to find out what has happened here.


Rev. Billy Talen: NYC uses too much rainforest timber

In a message to supporters, Green Party candidate for mayor of New York CityRev. Billy Talen writes that New York City is the nation’s biggest consumer of rain forest timber.

This Tuesday Oct 27th Reverend Billy joins with RainForest Relief, NYC Climate Action Group and Friends of Brad Will for a parade through Washington Square Park to draw attention to continued and unnecessary use of tropical rain forest timber for our benches and boardwalks.

The complete message is under the fold.
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