Cincinnati Greens endorse 2 candidates for fall elections

The Green Party of Southwest Ohio has endorsed 2 candidates in Cincinnati for this year’s elections: Jason Haap for Cincinnati School Board, and Anitra Brockman for Cincinnati City Council.

Jason Haap is a high school English teacher and political blogger/media activist. Haap is advocating the innovative idea of “proportional cuts”: “Whenever decisions are made to cut things that affect students—from transportation to extra-curricular activities to teaching staff—the central administrative budget should be cut proportionally.  So if cuts affecting kids represent ten percent of the budget for those services, then ten percent also needs to come from the budgets of those making such decisions.” He also advocates scrapping the ineffective DARE drug education program.

Anitra Brockman is the Department Chair of the Business Management program at Southwestern College, where she received the 2008 Instructor of the Year award. Her platform focuses on public safety, privatization (which she opposes), pedestrian-friendly planning, supporting local businesses, youth development, and public transportation. Like Jason Haap, Anitra Brockman supports ending DARE in favor of more effective public safety programs.

Dave Schwab


  1. I took a look Anonymous. Ms. Brockman contracted with a singer to perform at a fundraiser. The event did not make much money and she was unable to write the performer a check on the spot. The performer then made a bit of a public stink about not getting paid and she and he apparently negotiated a payment schedule they both could live with.

    While not perfect, the performer broke what I think is one of the cardinal rules of performing, which is, get paid up front. They seem to be comfortable with things as they stand now, so while your concern may be well placed, I don’t think it’s a sign of incompetence or corruption.

    In short, much ado about relatively little, in my opinion.

  2. She is being evicted too (this is not the first time either). Not someone I would want on City Council. Research your endorsements. I agree no corruption, yet, however poor money management http://www.courtclerk.org/

  3. Perhaps some of the many working Americans who are being squeezed by the economic crisis would appreciate having someone in government who can relate to their daily struggles.

  4. Someone with multiple evictions going back several years is concerning….also maybe the person she is renting from is also suffering a squeeze because her irresponsibility and deception.

  5. The previous anonymous posts slinging mud at Anitra Brockman came from someone using a Hamilton County government computer. It would seem that the Cincinnati Greens are enough of a threat to the current government’s power that now government insiders are trying to discredit them with personal attacks and anonymous whispering campaigns.

  6. Dave, isn’t using government equipment for political activity against the law?

    It also appears that the slurs were posted during working hours.

    Should we report this to the authorities?

  7. I don’t know if it’s against the law. It’s certainly fishy. I’d be interested to know what the Cincinnati Greens would have to say about this situation.

  8. Since the Green Party is able to endorse relatively few candidates, maybe people would find other groups’ endorsements a useful approximate proxy? For example, if a candidate is endorsed by CincyPAC, which is at least relatively pro-“green”, or by a group like Equality Cincinnati, maybe that makes you more likely to vote for that candidate (or less likely, if a Green Party endorsement would have made you less likely to vote for that candidate). To that end, I’ve put several of the major groups’ endorsements together in one place, here: http://enjoymentandcontemplation.wordpress.com/2009/10/23/cincinnati-endorsement-compendium/
    Seeing it all in one place was useful to me as a voter; maybe it can be useful to others as well.

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