Green for Greens: Mary DeCamp for Tucson City Council

Mary DeCamp, who is running for Tucson City Council in Ward 3, is Arizona’s only Green candidate in the 2009 elections. Arizona is a state with pressing sustainability issues, especially regarding water. It also has great potential for developing solar energy and other renewables. Arizona Greens won ballot status last year through a mighty petitioning effort – please help them to grow by supporting candidates like Mary DeCamp with a small donation.

Mary DeCamp defines her core issues as “growth (too much), water (too little), improving neighborhood quality and cohesiveness, the need for a vibrant local economy, coupled with too few living wage jobs, and transportation issues.” DeCamp hopes to “relocalize” Tucson, a city in the Sonoran Desert whose development was based on cheap fuel and abundant water. To accomplish this, she supports improved public transit, development of bike and pedestrian corridors, and prioritizing livability for current residents over profit for developers. Like many other Green candidates, Mary DeCamp supports adjusting public policy to encourage locally-owned small businesses instead of big corporate chains, and creating incentives for sustainable and worker-friendly practices.

Since city council members are chosen citywide in Tucson, all Tucson residents will be able to vote for Mary DeCamp on Nov. 3rd. Even if you’re not in Tucson, you can help the Green movement to grow in Arizona by making a donation to Mary DeCamp’s campaign.

Dave Schwab


  1. We here at Third Party Revolution endorse Mary DeCamp in her campaign for Tuscon City Council, along with many other third party and independent candidates seeking public offices nation-wide, ranging from local to federal levels.

  2. Hey Lee, you need to lay off that hate tea you and your pals drink at your tea parties.

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