Minneapolis Greens endorse 5th council candidate

The Green Party of Minneapolis has endorsed Andy Exley for city council in Minneapolis’ 6th Ward. The 6th ward was one of the first in Minneapolis to elect a Green when voters elected Dean Zimmerman to the council in 2001. Exley is campaigning on a platform of favoring local businesses over national chains, removing restrictions to small business creation, reverse measures that criminalize homelessness, protect tenant rights, strengthen civilian review of police conduct, increasing accountability on the council, preserving the independent park board, and improving public transit options.

In Minneapolis’ first election using instant runoff voting, Exley is campaigning against the incumbent together with two other candidates, as the Star Tribune reports:

Three of Lilligrens challengers – Andy Exley, Laura Jean and Michael Tupper – have come up with a unique strategy: they’re campaigning together. The three candidates have been holding shared meet-and-greet events and are refraining from criticizing each other.

“We are campaigning against the incumbent because he is not serving the needs of his constituents,” says Tupper. “You have three choices this time.”

According to the same story, two other Greens are running for the office, although Exley is the party’s endorsed candidate. Other candidates endorsed by the Minneapolis Greens include Cam Gordon in Ward 2, Marcus Harcus in Ward 4, Jeanine Estime in Ward 8, Dave Bicking in Ward 9, and Annie Young for Park Board Commissioner-at-large.

Dave Schwab


  1. Cynthia McKinney will be here in November.

    Should prove interesting.


  2. Dave
    The Minnesota statewide meeting next month.

    I will show up. Should prove “interesting’ to say the least.

  3. I can’t imagine why you would attend. Do you not have enough to do with your own nascent political party? The only reason I can think of is to cause trouble. I imagine that is in fact your true motive, just as that is your only reason for being here.

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