Cliff Thornton to speak at Central Connecticut State University

In a post at The Cool Justice Report, writer Andy Thibault covers an upcoming appearance by former Green Party national co-chair Cliff Thornton at Central Connecticut State University. Thornton will speak there on Tuesday, October 20th, at Torp Theatre-Welte Hall from 1 to 3 PM.

Thibault and Thornton exchanged an email or two, and these are posted in the story. here are a few comments from the exchange:

White Kids Are Much More Likely
To Be Using (And Selling) Drugs!

According to the federal Centers for Disease Control, he’s 4 times more likely than his African- American classmate to be a regular cocaine user. According to the Justice Department, if he’s arrested on drug charges, he’s 1-½ times more likely than his white classmate to be sent to prison.

Yet, Black Kids Are More Likely To Go To Prison!

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