MA Green-Rainbow Party supports Voter Choice IRV initiative

The Green-Rainbow Party is supporting an effort to hold a statewide referendum in 2010 on instituting instant runoff voting in Massachusetts. They need 66,000 signatures by November 18th. The time period is short, and they could surely use some help in this extremely important undertaking.

Want to revolutionize elections in Massachusetts?

Then you should hear about a ballot referendum campaign that just burst upon the scene. It’s called Voter Choice, and its goal is to change the way Massachusetts votes by implementing an instant runoff voting (IRV) system in Massachusetts.

Click here to become a part of this historic movement. For more information, see below.

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You all know the problems of our current voting system: Excellent candidates are told that they shouldn’t be in the race because they could be “spoilers”. About two-third of legislative races go uncontested. When there is a race it often degenerates into negative campaigning rather than discussion of the issues. We can address these problems by passing instant runoff voting. This allows voters to rank their choices rather than choosing just one candidate, and it automatically reassigns your vote to your second choice if your first choice is eliminated.

Under IRV,

  • The “spoiler” issue is completely eliminated.
  • Every winner finishes with majority support no matter how many candidates are in the race.
  • New voices are encouraged to participate because even if newcomers finish out of the running, support for their issues is clearly registered in the vote and the people they bring to the polls can determine the winner through their second- and third-place votes.
  • Negative campaigning is discouraged since it can lose you the second place votes you might need to win.
  • There is no such thing as “wasting your vote.” You don’t have to worry about polls and picking frontrunners. You are free to just honestly rank the candidates in your order of preference.

The Green-Rainbow Party has endorsed Voter Choice because, quite simply, it is an essential step to restoring health to our democracy. Voter Choice has also been endorsed by the Massachusetts League of Women Voters, Common Cause, and MassVote.


For Voter Choice to get on the 2010 ballot, 66,000 certified voter signatures have to be collected and turned in town registrars by November 18. Volunteers are on the streets in over 40 communities across Massachusetts collecting signatures, and already thousands of signatures are being turned in each week. But the time to complete the process is very short, and we need every supporter and ally of the Green-Rainbow Party to pitch in and make sure that this question gets on the ballot. Please consider joining one of the petitioning teams in your community. Or just download a petition and ask your friends and neighbors to sign.


  • Click here to send a volunteer form to your local coordinator.
  • Or call 617-326-7448 and leave your name, town, and telephone number.
  • Or send your name, town, and telephone number to info@voterchoicema.org.

Voter Choice staff will then get back to you to tell you where and when you can join up with volunteers in your community.


• Download a Voter Choice petition from the Voter Choice downloads page http://www.voterchoicema.org/pledge/downloads/. Read over the instructions for how to collect valid signatures. Then start collecting signatures from your friends and neighbors.


Instant runoff voting is already a reality in San Francisco, California and Burlington, Vermont. But with this referendum Massachusetts will become the first state to implement IRV on a statewide basis. This will revitalize electoral reform across the nation and help us get the issues we care about on the agenda. All this depends on what we do in collecting signatures over the next five weeks. Get involved today!


Eli Beckerman and Jill Stein, Co-chairs, Green-Rainbow Party

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For more information, go to http://www.voterchoicema.org

Dave Schwab

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  1. I’m so excited this petition is being circulated, I’m getting as many signatures as I can!

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