Pechefsky and “child’s play”

In an article at the New York Post, Green Party City Council nominee David Pechefesky gets props for bringing a new approach to politics. In a move I predict will be copied by Greens elsewhere, Pechefsky’s campaign has been distributing campaign material in an unusual format.

Child’s play

Political wonks felt like kids all over again as they dove into the “Pechefsky for City Council Activity Book” distributed by the Green Party candidate for the 39th District.

After learning about the candidate vying to replace City Councilmember Bill de Blasio (D-Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Kensington, Borough Park) voters were able to color a picture of Pechefsky carting recyclables on his bicycle and find their way through a maze marked with horrible pitfalls such as legal constraints, the Speaker of the Assembly, lobbyists, borough Democratic bosses and the every scary Mayor’s Office of Management and Budget.

They were also able to play connect the dots. The message: “Vote Green.”

Now to spend campaign money on an activity book could be a gamble, after all, even Green party candidates know that children can’t vote.

But Pechefsky’s team said the move paid off.

“It’s cute and people love them,” said one campaign staffer. “It’s really different and it’s getting our message out there.”

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  1. Interesting idea – I think using unconventional campaign tools can’t hurt and certainly can help.

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