Green Party election results

Keep an eye open to this space for election results as we find them. If you have results to report, please put them into the comments.

Jim Harvey and Paul Perkovic ran for re-election to the Montara Water and Sanitary District, San Mateo County, CA. They were unopposed. Thanks to Brent McMillan for this news.

In Virginia, Josh Ruebner in a three way race for House of Delegates in the 47th District came in third in a three way race, with 810 votes with 21 of 22 precincts reporting for a 4.15% showing. In his race for Arlington County Board, John Reeder pulled 31.42% in a two way race with 13,663 votes. 51 of 52 precincts reporting.

In Ohio, with only a few precincts reporting, Anitra Brockman is pulling 2% of the vote in a 19 way race for 9 seats on the Cincinati City Council, with 2068 votes cast for her. Jason Happ has doubled that percentage, with a 4% showing so far in his race for School Board. 2491 people pulled the lever for him. In Mill Township Vaughn Stull is placing third, but only two of three precincts have reported. He sits at 109 votes out of a total of 690 so far. Meanwhile, in Struthers, GPW writer Dennis Spisak feels cautiously optimistic. With 48 precincts still to report, he is in third place in a four way race for three seats on the School Board. He’s currently 134 votes ahead of the fourth place candidate.

In Florida, Javier Del Sol won the under 12 vote. Sadly, he did not win enough votes from the over 18 crowd. Placing fourth in a field of six, Del Sol won 12.26%. No vote total has been found as yet.

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  1. In regards to Jim Harvey and Paul Perkovic running for re-election to Montara Water and Sanitary District, San Mateo County, CA.
    Since there are three candidates running for three seats there will be no election as a result.

    You can consider these two races won!

  2. Here is the updated results for my race with all the precincts reporting:

    Chett A. Peters 719 47.12%
    Jerry A. Piccin 558 36.57%
    Vaughn W. Stull 249 16.32%

  3. Here is Dennis Spisak’s results as well:

    Struthers Member of Board of Education
    VOTE FOR 3
    RONALD A. CARCELLI . . . . . . . 2,039 26.62
    ROBERT NOBLE . . . . . . . . . 2,375 31.00
    DENNIS S. SPISAK . . . . . . . . 1,693 22.10
    DANNY YOUNG. . . . . . . . . . 1,554 20.28

    Congrats on getting re-elected!

  4. Portland Maine (not positive that these are final results)

    Kevin Donoghue was re-elected to the City Council
    Kevin Donoghue 1,779 votes (66%)
    Charles Bragdon 915 (34%)

    Anthony Zeli very narrowly lost the race for the Portland School Committee-District 2 seat
    Edward Bryan 1,565 (50%)
    Anthony Zeli – 1,536 (50%)

  5. Fantastic Vaughn! Go get ‘em. That last precinct obviously liked your message.

    Congrats to both Dennis Spisak and Chuck Turner as well!

  6. In Brunswick Maine
    Jason Bergquist lost his race for Town Council, District 4

    John Perreault – 797 votes (60%)
    Jason Bergquist – 524 (40%)
    100% reporting

  7. I’m afraid I’ll have to leave it at this for now. I must go to work tomorrow, and if I don’t get to bed soon I will not be able to function tomorrow.

  8. Same-Sex marriage in Maine is losing:

    Yes 182360 51.58%
    No 171171 48.42%


  9. Minneapolis
    With all precincts reporting

    In the City Council Ward 8 race Green Jeanine Estime finished 2nd with 435 votes (14%) and former Green US Senatorial candidate Michael Cavlan running as an independent received 38 votes for roughly (1%)

    (note: IRV was used for the election but was not needed because winner received over 50% of first preference votes, vote totals listed are for first preference)

  10. Kent, New York

    Jeff Green running for Town Council At-Large in Kent, New York finished 3rd of 6 with the top two being elected.

    12 of 12 (100%) machines reporting (12 total districts)
    Louis D. Tartaro – 1,238 (22.53%)
    John A. Greene – 1,115 (20.29%)
    Jeff Green – 998 (18.16%) = Green Candidate
    Karl R. Rohde – 771 (14.03%)
    Thomas F. Maxson – 704 (12.81%)
    Edward C. Durkee – 669 (12.17%)

  11. Ithaca, New York

    Jennifer Dotson was re-elected to the Common Council Ward 1 she was unopposed.

    Dotson a registered Green was the Green Party and Democratic Party nominee.
    She received
    166 votes on the Democratic Party ballot line
    46 votes on the Green Party ballot line

    In 2007 Dotson (a registered Green) was also the Green & Dem nominee

    Anyone know if New York has straight ticket voting?

  12. Here are unofficial results from across New York. A bunch of strong seconds, but the only victory seems to be Jennifer Dotson for a second term on Ithaca’s city council.

    Allen Carstensen
    Town Supervisor, Ulysses
    Roxanne Marino (DEM) 693
    Allen Carstensen (GREEN) 91
    Blank 513

    Evergreen C. Chou
    City Council, 20th District, Flushing, Queens
    Peter Koo (GOP) 8081 – 49.60%
    Yen Chou (Dem) 7278 – 44.67%
    SJ Jung (WF) 664 – 4.08%
    Evergreen Chou (Grn) 270 – 1.66%

    Jennifer Dotson
    Common Councilwoman, 1st ward, Ithaca
    Running unopposed, 212 votes total
    166 Democratic line
    46 on the Green line.

    Joe Duffy
    Mayor, Hornell
    Shawn D. Hogan – DEM 641
    Joseph J. Duffy – GRE 307

    Jeff Green
    Town Board, Kent
    (Top 2 Elected)
    Louis D. Tartaro 1,238 22.53%
    John A. Greene 1,115 20.29
    Jeff Green 998 18.16
    Karl R. Rohde 771 14.03
    Thomas F. Maxson 704 12.81
    Edward C. Durkee 669 12.17

    Luke Gucker
    City Council, 11th ward, Albany
    Anton Konev 352
    Luke Gucker 227
    Ken Barnes 92

    Howie Hawkins
    City Council, 4th district, Syracuse
    Thomas M. Seals (D-Wor) 1,424 – 59%
    Howie Hawkins (Gre) 974 – 41%

    Mary Jo Long
    Town Council, Afton
    Robert Tallmadge 208
    John H Lawrence 235
    Mary Jo Long 222

    Walter Nestler
    City Council, 18th district, Bronx
    Annabel Palma (D) [Dem] 11,983 – 88% (X)
    Leopold Paul (R) [GOP] 1,063 – 8%
    Walter Nestler (G) [Grn] 421 – 3%
    Arqui Sanders (C) [Con] 186 – 1%

    David Pechefsky
    City Council, 39th district, Brooklyn
    Bradford Lander (D) [Dem] 15,279 – 70%
    Joe Nardiello (R) [GOP] 3,650 – 17%
    David Pechefsky (G) [Grn] 1,524 – 7%
    Roger Sarrabo (L) [Lib] 815 – 4%
    George Smith (C) [Con] 658 – 3%

    Darin Robbins
    7th ward Alderman, Corning
    Daniel Blodgett (Democrat): 127
    James Nelson (Republican): 174
    Darin Robbins (Green): 33

    Lynne Serpe
    City Council, 22nd district, Astoria, Queens
    Peter Vallone (Dem) 10565 – 74.52%
    Lynne Serpe (Grn) 3323 – 23.44%
    Gerald F. Kann (Pop) 290 – 2.05%

    William Talen
    Mayor, New York City
    (98% reporting)
    Michael R. Bloomberg Rep. 546,512 50.6%
    William C. Thompson Jr. Dem. 497,161 46.0
    Stephen Christopher Con. 17,863 1.7
    Billy Talen Green 8,877 0.8

    Russell Ziemba
    City Council, 3rd district, Troy
    Bodnar R/I/C 508 45%
    Hoffmeister D/TA 321 28%
    Ziemba WF/G 303 27%

  13. Here in Tucson Arizona, Mary DeCamp has earned 6% in a tight 3-way city council race:

    UHLICH, KARIN DEM 12145 17625 0 29770 47.32%

    BUEHLER-GARCIA, BEN REP 12362 16835 0 29197 46.41%

    DeCAMP, MARY GRN 1769 2086 0 3855 6.13%

  14. Pam Hartwell-Herrero wins her race for Fairfax Town Council, Marin County, CA. She finished first of seven candidates for three seats with 1,031 votes or 19.76%.

    She joins incumbent greens Lew Tremaine and Larry Bragman to form the third
    Green Party Majority on a City Council in California (Arcata 1996-1998)
    and Sebastopol (2000-2006) and fourth in US Green History (New Paltz,
    New York 2003-2004)

  15. In Newburyport, MA:
    Question #1
    Shall a commission be elected to frame a charter for Newburyport?

    Question #1 wins by a large margin

    Bruce Menin was elected to the Newburyport Charter Commission.

  16. Re: Comment #23

    Correction, and another glimmer of hope for greens in NY.

    The election for Afton City council is for two seats. So, it is probable, but not definite, that Mary Jo Long will retain her seat.

    This news from an e-mail from Mary Jo’s husband Mike.

  17. Jeremey Cloward in CA:

    Story from Ballot Access News:

    California Special Congressional Election Returns / November 3rd, 2009

    Preliminary election returns for the special U.S. House election in California’s 10th district are:

    Democrat John Garamendi 55.54%
    Republican Dave Harmer 39.77%
    Green Jeremy Cloward 1.99%
    Peace & Freedom Mary McIlroy 1.48% American Indep Jerry Denham 1.23%

    When this district last voted, in November 2008, the results had been:

    Democratic 65.20%
    Republican 31.10%
    Peace & Freedom 3.70%

  18. Jay Sweeney was elected township auditor for Falls Township, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania. He ran unopposed and received 99 votes and 92.52% of the votes cast.

  19. “Here are unofficial results from across New York. A bunch of strong seconds, but the only victory seems to be Jennifer Dotson for a second term on Ithaca’s city council.”

    As Kimberly said, Mary Jo Long’s race is for two seats.

    I’ve updated that.

    The GPNY site http://gpnys.org has updated totals, as of this morning, and links to the sites reporting results, and the candidates web sites.

    As note, Mike Sellers, Mayor of Cobleskill, NY did not run again, and so the GP lost that seat.

  20. Mary Jo Long re-elected to Afton Town Council, Chenango Counyt, NY. She finished second of three candidates for two seats.

    Robert Tallmadge 208
    John H Lawrence 235
    Mary Jo Long 222

    From The Evening Sun: “Both Democrat Bob Tallmadge and Green Party Candidate Mary Jo Long are seeking reelection for their positions on the Afton Town Council. The two incumbents are being challenged by Republican newcomer John H. Lawrence.”

  21. I just spoke with Mary Jo Long from Afton, NY. Unofficially it appears that she has been re-elected to Town Council. Absentee Ballots will not be counted for seven days. She mailed out a brochure about Town Board issues and she thinks that this may have increased voter turnout and has anecdotal evidence to that effect. You can view her brochure at the Chenango Greens website:

  22. here is the rest of Ohio:

    Cleveland Council Ward 14 CLEVELAND WARD 14
    17 of 17 precincts reported.
    Vote for 1
    RICK NAGIN 1162

    Cin. City council

    Anitra Brockman 7589, 2% (out of 19 candidates)

    Cin. School Board

    Jason Haap 10571, 5% (out of 12 candidates)

  23. I’m curious about this quote from the GPUS pre-elections press release: “WASHINGTON, DC — A record number of Green Party candidates are running for public office throughout the US, with many campaigning for reelection along with fresh new Green faces.” (http://www.gp.org/press/pr-national.php?ID=243)

    This isn’t just untrue — it’s incredibly untrue. This was a year that featured candidacy numbers unseen since the mid to late ’90s when the party was in a formative state. The actual record is four times the number that ran this year, which is a substantial discrepancy (spectacular might be a better word).

    Could someone explain — and I mean explain, not spin?


  24. Steve, I believe the record is for the most candidates in an odd election year. There were more Green candidates this year than in 2005 and 2007. That’s just what I’ve read – I can’t confirm or deny the veracity of the record claim.

    Speaking of which, I remember meeting you in Albany in 2006 at an event for Green statewide candidates. Have you thought about running again in 2010?

  25. It was for “odd year” election cycles, and the press release stated that.

    However since that press release I think several of those candidates turned out to be Democrats, so it may not be true after all.

  26. For precise data on Green Party candidacies, you can search by year at:


    In the top left hand corner of the page, select the year you want to see and click ‘search’. Results titled “All Candidates for Office” will appear. Right under that heading is a link named “Summary of XXXX” (whatever year you are looking at). Click on that report to see the total number of candidates that ran that year, the total number of wins, and a breakdown of races and wins by office sought.

    Results are available back to 1985.

    The record number of candidates referenced was, as several posts have pointed out, the number of candidates that had declared for office at that point of the year in an odd-numbered year. This is a significant distinction because the number of races being run nation-wide is quite lower than in even-numbered years. Comparing Presidential or Congressional elections to odd-yeared elections does not provide an accurate basis for comparison.

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