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  1. The “card-carrying Green” link above points to a GPUS page that has a broken “Buy your Green Party Card Online” link. Might want to fix that.

  2. Thanks Alika! I have written the national office and the webmaster. I think it’s *possible* that the problem is at Democracy In Action, the website that handles donations, so it might take until Monday to fix the problem. Either way, I’ll leave a comment here once the link is working properly again.

  3. Sitting here listening to Ralph Nader, talking about his book, Only The Super rich Can Save Us.

    Also, listened to Cynthia McKinney in Minneapolis today.

    Que Cera Cera.

  4. I’m reading the Nader book now – long book but a great read! I wish I could have made it to the McKinney event.

  5. The inclusion of M$ Office on that list goes against the Green Party platform preference for open source software.

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