Green officials passed over for mayor position in Maine’s largest city

This just in from the Maine Public Broadcasting Network:

Maine’s largest city has a new mayor. The Portland City Council yesterday chose Nicholas Mavodones Jr., 49, to serve in the post. It’s Mavodones third stint in the job, according to the Portland Press Herald. In the past, councilors took turns being mayor, based on seniority. But for the second year in a row, the council overlooked Green party members who were next in line, the paper reports, choosing Mavodones instead. Green party councilor David Marshall, a declared candidate for the job, called the selection process a “fallacy.”

The vote for Mavodones was unanimous. He’s served on the City Council since 1997, and also served on the School Committee for six years.

In Portland, the mayor’s job is largely ceremonial. Mavodones will be sworn in December 7.

Dave Schwab


  1. A little more detail from the Portland Press Herald story:

    City councilors chose Nicholas Mavodones Jr. on Monday as Portland’s next mayor. It’s the third time the council has given Mavodones the job.

    Once again, the council broke with tradition to keep a member of the Green Independent Party from being mayor.

    In the past, councilors took turns being mayor, giving the gavel to the most senior member who had yet to take the post.

    But this year and last year, the council bypassed Green party members who were next in line.

    Last year, the council gave the post to Jill Duson, a Democrat who had held the post before, bypassing Councilors David Marshall and Kevin Donoghue.

  2. How was the vote unanimous? I guess the Greens in Portland are not as petty as the Democrats.

  3. Since the selection of the Mayor had already happened (among the five Democrats on the ostensibly non-partisan council) instead of being ‘sore losers’ or whatever else the Democrats will brand them they showed unity for the council and didnt dissent. I might have acted differently.
    The council has 5 D, 3 G and 1 R.

  4. The Council also has a “tradition” of voting unanimously for the mayor. Greens stuck with tradition this time, Dems did not.

  5. I was very frustrated but not surprised by this move to select Mavadones over Green Councilor Marshall. Some councilors claim tradition is not always followed and pretend this was not a partisan vote. Do they think we are that stupid? An analysis reported in the Portland Daily Sun shows that the tradition of selecting the longest serving Councilor who has not yet been Mayor is usually always followed except when it comes to the Greens. The same partisan politics were displayed by the Dems on the Portland School Committee a few years ago when there were 4 Greens and 5 Dems. The longest serving member was a Green but the 5 Dems would not let him be Chair, they instead chose a Dem who was still in his first term!

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