Georgia Green Party plans to confront African American mass incarceration

Bruce Dixon of Black Agenda Report has an intriguing article about the future plans of the Georgia Green Party to address the issue of the high rate of incarceration among African-Americans. The article is entitled “Why Democrats and Republicans won’t confront the issue of black mass incarceration, and why the Green Party will”. Some excerpts:

With less than 5% of the world’s population, the US accounts for a quarter of the world’s prisoners. While African Americans are only an eighth the population, we account for almost half the locked down… An astounding three percent of all black Americans are in prisons and jails, the majority for drug charges, although black and white rates of drug use have been virtually identical for decades…

Georgia’s Green Party, BAR has learned, will announce tomorrow that its major focus for the coming two years, including the 2010 election cycle, will be making a political issue out of black mass incarceration. The Green Party of GA intends to do this by running candidates for the state legislature and for district attorney and sheriff, not just in metro Atlanta, but in Augusta, Macon, Columbus, Savannah and elsewhere. Georgia’s Green party will expect its candidates to put the fact of black mass incarceration squarely on the political table by advocating positions including but not limited to:

  • opposing in principle the trials of or incarceration of juveniles as or with adults;

  • repealing all mandatory sentencing legislation;

  • an end to all privatized prisons and jails, and the swift phasing out of piecemeal privatization of inmate health, food services and other functions;

  • an end to all privatized probation services — Georgia has an almost uniquely corrupt and oppressive regime of fines with loan-shark interest payments collected by private sector probation companies;

  • ceasing the incarceration of juveniles for most or all nonviolent offenses and reexamining the “zero-tolerance” policies forced upon many school districts;

  • immediate cancellation of all the private contracts enabling well-connected corporations and corrupt politicians to collect exorbitant tolls on the money sent to and phone calls made to inmates and persons in custody;

  • the extension of meaningful educational opportunities beyond G.E.D. to people in the state’s jails and prisons and its extensive community corrections networks;

I should say how BAR came to know this. We know it because I have been for the last few weeks a member of the GA state committee of the Green Party and its press secretary…

I highly recommend reading the entire article at Black Agenda Report.

Dave Schwab


  1. It is drug prohibition & the “war on drugs” for decades that has created permanent war zones in our cities nation-wide. As soon as the government outlaws addictive substances, it puts & keeps the criminal syndicates in business, like when we had alcohol Prohibition = no prohibition, no crime , & addiction can be treated medically. The phony “drug war” is a permanent war on the black & latin communities & the massive raids, stopping & frisking & incarcerations will only end with repeal of drug prohibition, with full rehabilitation & medical treatment for all – otherwise, their war & terror will continue.

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