Tuesday is the first Green Change day of blog action

Inspired by the global day of blog action on climate change, Green Change is holding its own blog action day. The topic is local action.

We’re organizing Green bloggers to write about local action this Tuesday. Want to share an idea for local action? Have you run for local office or worked on a campaign? Publish your blog post on the Green Change network, then discuss it with other Green Change members.

Even if you don’t normally blog, come join the discussion on Tuesday, November 24th!

Dave Schwab


  1. I’ll be writing about a community garden I’m helping to start. What’s everyone else writing about? Is anyone writing about local Green candidates/ elected officials?

  2. I’ll be writing about local currencies in Ithaca and the Berkshires, as well as efforts to resist hydraulic fracture drilling, aka fracking, in New York and Pennsylvania.

  3. I don’t write about what we work on locally enough, that’s for sure! I’ll be traveling tomorrow but I’ll try to get a piece in about what Greens in Oshkosh are doing to promote sustainability both on the City Council and on the Sustainability Advisory Board.

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