Hawaii and Arizona Green Party Petition Drives

Two State Green Parties are currently working on petition drives to maintain ballot access.

The Green Party of Hawaii, which has had continuous ballot status since 1992, needs 663 signatures to retain ballot access for 2010. They recently got press for this effort here and here

The Arizona Green Party has a stiffer requirement but they are pounding away at it. They need over 20,000 signatures to win full party recognition, and have supposedly already secured over 12,000. They still need help, so if Greens are looking for warm and sunny vacation ideas contact the Arizona Green Party.

Ronald Hardy


  1. While we need just under 21,000 valid signatures, our goal is to collect at least 30,000 signutures. Our deadline to collect these signatures February 25, 2010. If you have any friends, family, etc that live here in Arizona, please ask them to sign and assist us in collecting signatures! Thanks.

    Angel Torres, Arizona Green Party (AZGP) state co-chair

  2. The Arizona Green Party has a lawsuit pending in federal court to make it legal for out-of-staters to help with its petition drive, and to get a later deadline.

  3. The Green Party of the United States gave money to help both Hawaii and Arizona get on the ballot in 2006. Your donations will help the Green Party support more state efforts in 2010. Please make a contribution today! Click here:


    to be taken to a Green Party donation page. Or go there yourself from http://www.gp.org.

    Today is Five Dollar Friday! Our goal for today is to sign up five $5 a month sustaining donors. Is the Green Party worth $5 a month to you?


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