Two Green Websites for Green Party Candidates

Pennsylvania Green Matt Cleveland created New Menu in 2007, because he was shocked at how many Green Party candidates either didn’t have a website, or were using free sites cluttered with unwanted advertising. He created “New Menu” to offer Green Party candidates a free website, free email, free blog, and other services to support their campaign. The site has been upgraded in 2009 and I highly recommend checking it out.

If you are a candidate on a low budget or who wants/needs a quick and easy web-presence, New Menu is made for you!

The second site I wanted to point out is maintained by the Green Party Senatorial Campaign Committee. This site has been very recently redesigned and is still a work in progress, but it’s intent is to showcase and raise funds for Greens running for federal office (US Senate, US House, US President). If nothing else, consider going to the “donate” page and investing ten or twenty dollars to a Committee that will use the money to recruit and support Green Party candidates… (Full disclosure: I am currently the Chair of the Senate Campaign Committee, so be aware that I am suggesting donations to a committee that I chair!)

Finally, a quick note regarding Green Party Watch. Our intrepid volunteers here have been taking some well deserved rest over the end-of-year holidays. We are considering a site “overhaul” before 2010, but no guarantees. We will be looking for new contributors of content to the site, particularly people who like to share state and national news about the Green Party or Green Party candidates. We are also interested in increasing our gender balance and diversity among our contributors, so if you think you can help us please let us know at gpw@greenpartywatch.org NOTE: All Volunteers, No Money. We are not a business and we are not hiring (and we have no money so don’t ask for money).


What a Green Party Governor Would Mean for Ohio’s Environment

Ohio Green Party’s candidate for Governor Dennis Spisak would clean up Ohio’s water and air! Lessen our dependence on dirty coal plants, unlike current Governor Ted “Dirty Coal” Strickland.

Dennis Spisak would also bring in renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and geothermal energy.

Dennis Spisak and the Ohio Green Party would also look into:

Investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy is key to sustainability. Just as ecological materials management is governed by the concept of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” (in priority order), ecological energy management must be governed by the principle of Conservation, Efficiency, and clean renewables. Of highest importance is to use less, then to use wisely, and to have clean production of what is used.
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Green Party leaders: US in Copenhagen summit helped kill necessary steps against global warming

WASHINGTON, DC — US Green Party leaders expressed their dismay with the failure of the UN summit in Copenhagen to reach an agreement on international action to curb climate change.

Greens have been especially critical of the grossly inadequate emissions reduction proposals that the US and other rich countries brought to Copenhagen, the lockout of NGOs from the Bella Center while oil company executives were welcomed, the brutal treatment of protesters in Copenhagen, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s announcement by that concrete measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions would be replaced by vows of transparency and good intentions.

Cynthia McKinney, 2008 Green Party nominee for President of the United States: “The ‘Copenhagen Accord’ announced on the final day of the summit is a sham. It was not adopted by UN delegates and carries no force. The US is trying to invalidate the UN’s efforts by pressuring developing countries to sign on to the Copenhagen Accord, threatening to withhold their share of the $100 billion in wealthy countries’ compensation from developing countries that refuse to sign. The compensation money is meant to help offset the economic effects of measures against climate change and the dire consequences of climate change that many developing nations will suffer. This is blackmail of the worst kind, placing billions of lives in danger. Unless a real and binding accord can be reached during next year’s meeting in Mexico, the Copenhagen failure risks a breakdown in global security, when the increasing effects of global warming lead to global conflicts over dwindling resources.”

Mike Feinstein, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States, former mayor of Santa Monica, California, and participant in the December 2007 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Bali: “What is the legacy of the Copenhagen meeting? No emissions reduction targets. No requirement for verification of progress from nations on emission reductions. No acknowledgment that developed industrial countries have created most of the problem and therefore must carry most of the burden of the solution. No firm commitment on mitigation and adaptation aid from developed countries to developing countries, especially in light of decades of exploitation and taking of resources from poorer nations and skyrocketing consumption rates in countries like the US. The US and its Canadian and European allies must be held responsible, as should growing large-scale greenhouse gas emitters like China and India, for placing the freedom of nation-states to continue polluting and growing in a cancerous, unsustainable manner ahead of the future of people and the earth. Failing to deal with climate change is a crime against our planet. Dividing the global community by pitting large emitters against the poorest and most vulnerable is a crime against humanity..”

Audrey Clement, co-chair of the Green Party’s EcoAction Committee: “The two most important causes of climate change — excess consumption and excess population growth — were apparently never raised in or around Copenhagen. The solution to the former is the adoption of energy conservation as the linchpin of national energy policies in the industrialized world. The solution to the latter is the promotion of family planning, sex education, and contraception, which require securing rights and equality for women throughout the world. If we don’t take our own steps to check population growth, global warming will do it for us.”

Martin Zehr, co-chair of the EcoAction Committee: “International diplomacy has proven inadequate in addressing the most fundamental issue confronting humanity. The hedged bet will be paid by future generations. With or without an agreement in Copenhagen, Greens will continue to include the voices of scientists and environmentalists in policy development and work to reduce the dominance of corporations in decisions about climate policy. It is clear that states, such as California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas need special attention in the national effort to reduce emissions. We’ve made water a top priority, since access to fresh water faces a particular threat from global climate change. The EcoAction Committee of the Green Party is increasing its role in public education, providing policy support to Green candidates and working with others towards a sharp reduction of GHG emissions at the federal and state levels no later than 2015. The failure of the Copenhagen conference to establish real targets for energy transition makes our work that much more important if we are to see any change in direction.”


Kenton Adler Announces Arkansas Congressional Campaign

Batesville resident Kenton Adler has formally announced his candidacy for the United States House of Representatives from the First District of Arkansas. Nominated by The Green Party of Arkansas, he will likely face incumbent Democrat Congressman Marion Berry and Republican hopeful Rick Crawford in the 2010 election. Adler is an Arkansas native — born in Camden in 1956. His family moved to the Denver metropolitan area in 1965. He returned to Arkansas in 1992 and lived in Fayetteville for six years before settling in Batesville.

Adler received an honorable discharge from the U.S. Navy after serving 1976-1980 as a meteorologist. His duty stations included the Naval Air Station at Memphis, the island of Diego Garcia in the British Indian Ocean Territory, and on board the U.S.S Enterprise. Adler was voted Honor Recruit by the men in his boot camp training company. He received meritorious advancements on two occasions, and was an E-5 at the time of his discharge. Adler was awarded a Good Conduct Medal and the Naval and Marine Corp Expeditionary Medal. His work included participating in a supervisory role in one of the first worldwide experiments measuring incoming and outgoing solar radiation in 1979.
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Vincent LaMie Running for Illinois State Representative

From Vince LaMie, candidate for Illinois State Representative, 105th District:

There is going to be opposition for the first time in the general election for state representative in the 105th district. I am Vince LaMie from Woodworth, IL and this is my first venture into state politics. I want to bring the message to Springfield that corruption needs to end. I am 46 years old and have been married to Janis Redeker LaMie for 17 years. We have 4 children ages 13 – 21. I drive a truck and I am a graduate of Kankakee Eastridge HS and EIU.

Why am I running for this office?
• I want the people of district 105 to prove that a person CAN be elected to state office who DOES NOT accept money from special interest groups, corporations, corrupt businessmen, or political parties.
• The amount of money involved in political campaigns makes elected officials loyal to that money. When a candidate accepts large sums of money from corporations or special interest groups, you know where their loyalty is going lie.
• There is a good chance that two of our governors will be serving jail time for corruption. It is time for a change. Both governors had the support of their parties until they were caught. It is time to clean house.
• I want to be a voice of reason to combat all the partisan bickering.
• I want to bring the message to Springfield that we, the people who pay their salaries, are tired of self-serving politicians and we want real leadership.
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NYC Green Party holds marathon reading of healthcare bill with single-payer amendment

On Friday, December 18th, members of the New York City Green Party will read the entire 767-page healthcare bill in Union Square. Their reading, which will last an estimated 10 hours, will include Sen. Sanders’ recently withdrawn amendment to establish a single-payer system. The NYC Greens are asking for pledges of between $0.01 and $1 per page, so please chip in your $7, $700, or whatever you can spare to encourage their valiant efforts for real reform on this freezing day!

From Green Party NYC:

The Senate denied Single Payer a vote, so we’re taking it to the street! Continue Reading


Global Green Parties call for honest, scientifically sound climate agreement

As the Copenhagen COP enters its second week, the Global Greens today called for an honest climate agreement, based on science not tricky accounting. The Global Greens are concerned that rich nations are building loopholes into the agreement to give the appearance of strong targets without the reality. Continue Reading


Green Party CA Contested Gubernatorial Race

Green Party Governor’s Race

It looks like the Green Party of California will have something that the Democrats don’t this year: a contested race for Governor. Both Laura Wells (NoCal) and Deacon Alexander (SoCal) have taken the initial steps to challenge for this post and both seem to be headed for a formal announcement in early January.

I had to take a couple of days to think about this one. It is not usual for the GPCA to have contested races. But, I think that we should welcome this one as it gives a chance to let everyone know just what the Green Party is all about.

Laura Wells has run for Controller before, polling over 600,000 votes in 2002. That is the most of any Green in California Electoral History. She is a strong advocate for economic justice.

Deacon Alexander is just a strong advocate for social justice, especially when that is being denied on any of fraudulent basis that our society manages to come up with.

I need to admit here that I have agreed to assist Laura in her campaign, but either of these two candidates will be a refreshing change from the two major parties where Jerry Brown’s fund raising has chased everyone else from the Democratic contest and Meg E-Bay Whitman is trying to buy the Republican nomination outright.

Greens take no corporate donations and neither candidate is a wealthy as the millionaire list that the Republicans are running (Whitmen, Poizner, Fiorina for Senator). Rather Greens will win their votes the hard way. They will earn them listening to people rather than talking at them, on their feet rather than on the airways (may I never hear another Whitman ad again… they are as jarring when listening to KDFC as are the Coit rug cleaning commercials.)