Nader for Senate?

Okay, okay. So we dropped the ball and are extremely late about reporting the possible Ralph Nader senatorial run.

The CT Greens are trying to get him to run, but Nader’s been all mum to whether he’ll take the plunge. There’s a facebook group called RALPH NADER US SENATE CONNECTICUT and has 1,355 members.

So what do you Greens think? If Nader chose to run, what affiliation would he run as? Do you want him to run? Do you think this is a good move or a tactical mistake for the CT Greens to draft Nader?

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I'm a member of the Illinois Green Party.


  1. If he runs, he’ll run as an independent. Connecticut law allows candidates to be cross endorsed by multiple parties which is what he’d do.

  2. Buffulo Bill

    You mean those Cobbites majority who run the national GP? After all, that is how the National GP has become fixed, eh?

    BTW, did you all hear the Nativo Lopez interview on KPFA about Mike Feinstein? The great, glorious Green Party leader?

    Here it is, in all it’s ugly detail. just in case the GP National folks decide to not talk about it.


    Go Ralph Go.

  3. Sad to see that some people are still playing “Cobb-Nader” five years after the 2004 election. Why don’t the Destructo-Greens like Cavlan focus on building their own party instead of attacking Greens?

    Looking forward to seeing Ralph Nader (G-CT) in the Senate next year.

  4. Audrey

    Oh we are dear, we are. However, the fact remains that the Nader-Cobb years were a defining moment for the GP National.

    Also, odd that you fail to mention the whole Mike Feinstein – Nativo Lopez thing.

    Nativo loppez WAS in the GP. He left, Mike Feinstein remains.

    Enough said.

  5. This thread is about Ralph Nader’s potential run for Senate, not about Nativo Lopez or David Cobb. As usual, you are trying to hijack the thread. For someone who is no longer a Green, you seem to spend an awful lot of time around the Green Party. Again, why don’t you focus on building your own party?

    I’d love to see Nader get ahead of Dodd in the polls. Then we Greens can turn the tables on the Democrats and tell THEIR candidate to stop being a spoiler and drop out of the race!

  6. Third party

    Ironically, so do I. You know why? the CT GPP has absolutely nothing to do with the national GP.

    BTW, there is now talk of Matt Gonzalez running for Governor in California.

    As an independent.

  7. I cannot believe the level of vitriol that some Greens have towards Nader. You do not have to think that he is perfect or that he is a god, but he is the reason why the Greens grew the way that they did from 2000. But it is heartening that most on here are supporting his Senate run. Sorry to hear about Nativo Lopez, but that Feinstein CA crowd: from what I hear and have read from Peter before he died, is a nasty bunch. driving Lopez out is about the stupidest thing they could do.

  8. Buffalo Bill

    Take your statement about the Mike Feinstein CA crowd, multiply by about 1,000 and you have the dynamics that made up the National GP crowd.

    Kimberley had made the commentary on Indy Political Report that they had made the National GP a couple of large fish in a very very small pond. That just about encapsulated it.

    Mike Feinstein is one of the National GP Delegates that have remained. He is not a “destructo-green” as Audrey so lovingly called those of us (who are no longer greens) who had tried to create a culture of accountability and adherence to the principles of Grassroots Democracy and Social Justice.

    We failed and moved on.

    I will admit that I have now become committed to exposing these folks just as much as I am committed to exposing the pro-war, corporate corrupted two party system. Even here.

    Can I get a *twinkle* or some *grok*?

  9. If Matt Gonzalez ran for Governor, running as an independent would be impossible unless if he ran a good write-in campaign since independents need like a hundred thousand signatures on the petition. If Matt were to run, he should run as a Green since there are no official candidates.

  10. Third Party Revolution

    Or Peace and Freedom.

    Here is the point. Matt Gonzalez is NOT running as a Green. The man who was 2% away from becoming the Green Party mayor of San Francisco is not running as a Green. There is a reason for that.

    Some of us tried to warn you all about this. Of course, one of your Party’s National Delegates, Audrey from VA response was to cry out “destro-greens” to this. I suppose Matt Gonzalez is a destro-green too eh? You folks have, again in your party (not mine, not no more) have National Delegates like Mike Feinstein doing all that they are doing.

    In the end, this is not really the fault of these Delegates. The responsibility of this lies with the membership of the GP. On some level you all know and knew it was going on. Yet the National Delegates remain.

    They are your voices, they are your Party’s representation.

    Meanwhile, those of us who are serious about standing in opposition to the pro-war, corporate corrupted two party system continue to organize.

    Oh and Audrey, I come here from time to time when I have a little free time.

    Like I said, I am committed to exposing you folks just as much as I am to exposing the two party sham. I remember I was one of the last voices to be purged, booted out. The last of the Dissident Voices that were systematically booted out under one pretext or another. I remember then that people commented on how nice and quiet it had become. That people could now go on to their composting. I told you all then that that ‘silence” was not a good thing. that it was the death of democracy in the GP.

    I then left the GP because I believe in Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice and Personal Responsibility.

    what a sad sham. Oh well. Again, for those of us serious about building an alternative to the corporate corrupt, pro-war two party system, time to carry on, build, organize.

  11. I have some questions for Micheal “Accountability Mike” Cavlan:

    1. Phil Huckelberry is a bulldog for Green ballot access. He took on the Democratic Party machine in Illinois, leading a petition drive that got 39,400 signatures in 90 days without paid petitioners. He defeated the Democrats’ frivolous challenge to the Green petitions, and Rich Whitney got more than 10% in the Governor’s race. This allowed the Illinois Greens to run far more candidates than ever before, and guaranteed us a ballot line in 2008. But you attacked him as a closet “Demo-Green” for getting into a two-way race with a Republican. Why?

    2. If getting into two-way races with Republicans is bad, then do you recommend that Greens refuse to run in strongly Republican districts, or that they try to recruit Democrats to run against themselves?

    3. Will you encourage your new political party to practice the same rules that you preach to the Greens in Question #2?

    4. You and your pals on the GNC constantly howled that our listserv moderation was “censorship”. Why didn’t your faction ever encourage their state parties to make a proposal to repeal Proposal 186, which established moderation?

    5. In your new political party, do you have Absolute Free Speech both on your listserv and at your face-to-face meetings? If not, what are you doing about it?

    6. Why did you and your pals taunt and jeer at weaker state Green Parties instead of trying to help build them?

    7. Why did you and your pals never offer any ideas on the NC listserv for recruiting candidates, winning ballot lines, registering more Greens, etc.?

    8. In your new political party, some of your state parties may grow more slowly than others. Will you offer the weaker state parties nothing but taunts and jeers?

  12. Simple answer.

    We will take all of our experiences in the Green Party, learn from them and then build, organize and move forward.

    Because we are serious about opposing the pro-war, corporate corrupted two party system.


  13. Surprise, surprise. No answer to my questions. I guess that “Accountability Mike” doesn’t like being held accountable. :D

  14. True that.

    kind of like democracy. Well as long as the nomination process is open, fair and not rigged, unlike certain other political parties then Matt should do just fine.

  15. Michael,

    I agree with most of everything you say (except when you said in the past that Nader and McKinney running in 08 was a good idea, sorry I disagree, a stupid strategy, there needs to be ONE prog third party candidate, our resources are too limited for anything else). Some of us also tried to get a lying, manipulative, centrist safe stater Cobbite out of our state GP, but the few active members are too passive and gullible to make this happen. We had a serious problem with tons of people turning out for procedural stuff and to block others’ actions on the ground out of pettiness and jealousy, but when it came to organizing on the ground, four or five would show up. Many of us left, demoralized over that and the electoral college sysytem used by the GNC, but we financially support individual Green candidates in other states who are worthwhile (Rev Billy, Whitney, etc).

    I feel that many of the problems with democracy, etc stem from the structure of the party and its decision process that tie people in knots, the world now moves way too fast for this nonsense, some people think it is still 1968, this is almost 2010, Greens are stuck in a meeting and on the same decision for months and the world outside moves on without them. Any third party that wants to get anywhere, ever, must have a majority rule vote on all matters and consensus should be permanently and wholly abolished. Consensus is a tool for very manipulative people who will wield it and browbeat the majority until they get a decision that they like. There is nothing more frstrating (and in my opinion, more sickening) than being voted down by a minority, and it was usually for petty, apolitical reasons. A political party is not supposed to be, or act like, a high school clique.

    Also, there is no limit to what a few unscrupulous members get away with, breaking rules, by-laws, etc. Why have rules if people can do whatever the hell they want? The membership is too timid to hold anyone accountable.

    I like what you say, Mike, you are right, mostly, but I would concentrate on building your new party and let the old fight of national die, I know it is painful, but move on for your own sake and for the sake of the future. Let’s not tie ourselves up arguing with people who do not want a party that is independent of the Democrats, or who cleave to the Electoral college-type structure on national level. Support Greens who deserve it, and ignore teh rest, including VA Green, who instigates on a regular basis and gossips about others she/he knows nothing about.

  16. Who am I gossiping about? Who do I know nothing about? I watched all the stuff that I’m talking about first hand on the National Committee.

  17. ok, so this is about nader, who is possibly one of the most important men in American history, secondly, being that i am a recently converted green , i know very little of these past transgressions, but being that i am who i am, i want to win, not just throw out a symbolic election every few years. We must unite, not divide. the two party system is flawed, possibly even wrong, and i don’t want to be part of it anymore, we must unite, unite under one banner and take down the REPDEM party(because both are essential the same now) so please, stop bickering and throw your support to Nader and then we can purge these demons later

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