NYC Green Party holds marathon reading of healthcare bill with single-payer amendment

December 18, 2009 in Local Party News

On Friday, December 18th, members of the New York City Green Party will read the entire 767-page healthcare bill in Union Square. Their reading, which will last an estimated 10 hours, will include Sen. Sanders’ recently withdrawn amendment to establish a single-payer system. The NYC Greens are asking for pledges of between $0.01 and $1 per page, so please chip in your $7, $700, or whatever you can spare to encourage their valiant efforts for real reform on this freezing day!

From Green Party NYC:

The Senate denied Single Payer a vote, so we’re taking it to the street!

On December 16th the US Senate was to hold a historic debate on a Single Payer Health Care system for all Americans. Amid the barrage of compromises and disappointments surrounding Congress’ handling of health care, this first-in-US history proposal on the Senate floor was considered a step forward in the Single Payer movement — OR SO WE THOUGHT.

Because obstructionist Republican senators forced a reading of the entire 767 page bill (estimated at 10 hours), Senator Bernie Sanders (VT) had to withdraw his amendment due to Congressional recess deadlines — denying Single Payer advocates even this symbolic progress!


On Friday, December 18th from 9am-7pm, Green Party NYC and Single Payer activists will gather at Union Square in Manhattan to read the entire, 767 page amended bill that was denied debate on the Senate floor. Congress must know that we will continue to fight for Single Payer Health Care as the best and most cost-effective way of delivering medical care to *all* Americans!

  • 46 million Americans currently lack health insurance
  • 60 million Americans do not have access to primary health care
  • Profit-making, private insurance companies waste $400 billion a year on administrative costs, CEO payouts, advertising — while their customers are routinely and arbitrarily denied care!

Call 917-825-3562 or email if you can participate! We’re looking for readers and Single Payer advocates to talk to New Yorkers about this issue. Please forward widely! Tell your community to stop by during the reading!

Friday, December 18th 2009 9:00am-7:00pm — Activists welcome to step up and read pages from our copy of the bill
South Side Of Union Square, New York City
4/5/6/N/R/Q/W/L Trains To Union Square!
Contact: Michael O’Neil 917-825-3562 |

Green Party NYC needs your support to continue organizing for issues like Single Payer Health Care and Climate Justice. Please consider donating a few cents or even a dollar for every page of this historic public reading:

2 responses to NYC Green Party holds marathon reading of healthcare bill with single-payer amendment

  1. This was a dirty trick by the GOP on Sen Sanders. I hope actions like this marathon reading of the single payer bill piques greater public awareness of our democracy’s increasing breakdown caused largely by the GOP. Coupled with the forces of corporate fascism, Pres Obama appears to not be excluded from their influence either.

  2. When philo59 votes for Senator or Representative, does he/she not expert that individual to read, understand, and be passed or failed based on needs and best results for constituents? I certainly do, and I would expect the voter to read and ensure the legislation is best for our country and its future. When Senator Burden (D) IL does not know what is in health bill, does that not speak volumes about how we got into this predicament?