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According to Newsweek, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France may be a “dead man walking”. The article, in part, credits the Green Party’s success in recent European Union elections as well as court rulings that Sarkozy’s carbon tax proposal violates their constitution.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Iran requested a visit by a European delegation, and at the last moment asked that the visit be postponed. According to the article, German Green Party leader Barbara Lochbihler says members of Iranian civil-rights groups have asked her to proceed with the visit despite international criticism. Media attention fueled by criticism from U.S. lawmakers and individual members of the European Parliament gave Iran an “excuse” to postpone the visit, according to Lochbihler.

Finally, the Irish Times is reporting that Green Party Minister of Finance, Brian Lenihan, has announced that he is battling cancer. Placing principal before personality, Lenihan said yesterday that he hoped pposition finance spokespeople would continue their critique of Government policy, adding that the last thing he would want was for them to feel inhibited by his medical condition.

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  1. “Principal above personality” – is that a pun because he’s the finance minister. Funny!

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