Historian, activist, professor Howard Zinn dead at 87

Here is a story at The Boston Globe.

According to the story Zinn’s family reports that he was traveling in Santa Monica and suffered a heart attack.

The story includes this quote by linguist and activist contemporaries Noam Chomsky:

“His writings have changed the consciousness of a generation, and helped open new paths to understanding and its crucial meaning for our lives,”

“When action has been called for, one could always be confident that he would be on the front lines, an example and trustworthy guide.”

The article, written by Pulitzer Prize winner Mark Feeney calls Zinn’s historic academic works “revisionist”, and says of A People’s History of the United States,

“A People’s History of the United States” (1980), had for its heroes not the Founding Fathers — many of them slaveholders and deeply attached to the status quo, as Dr. Zinn was quick to point out — but rather the farmers of Shays’ Rebellion and the union organizers of the 1930s.

With books written over decades, Zinn was a prolific writer of both scholarly and popular works.

Zinn showed support for the Green Party and Ralph Nader, having as recently as February of 2008 worked with Nader to “Hold the Democratic presidential candidates feet to the fire”.

Here is a link to a story at On The Wilder Side.

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