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Green Party calls for an end to the bipartisan economic war on Blacks, Latinos

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Greens call for an end to the “bipartisan economic war” on Blacks and Latinos/as, who suffer the brunt of the subprime crisis and economic meltdown

• Green Party urges a program for millions of new public works jobs and financial security for Americans instead of Wall Street handouts read more »

San Francisco Green Party endorses the campaign to repeal Prop 8 this year

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From the San Francisco LGBT issues Examiner:

The Green Party of San Francisco has officially endorsed Restore Equality 2010 (RE 2010), the campaign to repeal Proposition 8. On February 24th, the SF Green Party held their monthly meeting at the San Francisco LGBT Center where they were joined by three of the Regional Representatives for RE 2010. Together, they discussed the signature gathering effort to get marriage equality back on the ballot in November.

“The Green Party is proud to distinguish itself as the Party which has always and unequivocally supported full equality for the LGBT community,” said Paul Platt, SF Green Party County Council member. “In keeping with this tradition, we enthusiastically endorse, and commit to working on the campaign to repeal Prop 8 and restore equality this November.” read more »

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke debuts new tracks at Green Party benefit gig

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Thom Yorke, lead singer of Radiohead, recently performed at a benefit concert for Tony Juniper, a UK Green Party candidate for parliament. Yorke, who traveled with Juniper to the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, said he was “sick of politicians not talking about the environment” and wanted a voice in parliament for environmental issues. You can read more about the gig at NME news, and watch videos of three new tracks Yorke debuted at the show at Stereogum.

Green Party NYC bulletin: Local meetings, Actions, Pechefsky op-ed, GPNYC online, & more

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The Green Party of New York City, which ran 5 campaigns in 2009 including Lynne Serpe’s record 24% for NYC City Council, has published a newsletter for February 2010. News items from GPNYC include a Thank You Party for 2009 Candidates, an April 15th Tax Day Action, Green Local Meetings, other events of interest, an editorial about fixing the city council from 2009 candidate for city council David Pechefsky, GPNYC’s new facebook group, and more. Read on: read more »

MA Green-Rainbow Party gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein featured on WGGB-TV in Springfield

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Jill Stein, the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party’s candidate for governor, added an appearance on WGGB in Springfield to her growing list of media appearances. A partial transcript is below, and you can watch the video with Jill Stein at WGGB.

read more »

Ellen Brown article on state banks features Green candidates Rich Whitney, Laura Wells

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Ellen Brown, author of “Web of Debt”, has an article on Truthout entitled “More candidates favoring state-owned banks”. In the article, Brown features Rich Whitney of Illinois and Laura Wells of California as gubernatorial candidates who are proposing state banks in their platforms. She also mentions the proposal of 2008 Green presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney to nationalize the Federal Reserve. Read on for excerpts from the article: read more »

Missouri Green Party candidate to walk for US Senate

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From the Southeast Missourian:

Green Candidate Says She Will Walk for US Senate

Progressive Party Co-Chair Intends to Walk Throughout Missouri During Campaign

Springfield, MO – Tuesday was the first day for Missouri political hopefuls to register to run for office in the August primary election. While the recognized parties will hold primaries, the Progressive Party of Missouri [a GPUS affiliate] will circulate petitions to gather 10,000 verified signatures in order to gain ballot access. Midge Potts, the Co-Chair of the Progressive Party of Missouri, as well as a delegate to the Green Party of the United States Coordinating Committee, announced in June 2009 that she would seek the the US Senate Seat being vacated by Kit Bond. Tuesday she released a statement proclaiming that she intends to run a non-traditional campaign by walking the state in order to discuss issues of concern to Missourians in their own communities. read more »

Green Party of Montgomery Co. PA: fundraiser for Hugh Giordano, State Rep candidate

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CORRECTION: Hugh Giordano is the Green Party candidate for State Representative in Pennsylvania’s 194th district, not the 149th district.

At our February meeting the Montgomery County Greens endorsed Hugh Giordano as our Green Party Candidate for Representative in the 194th District.

The District is located in Philadelphia and portions of Montgomery County.

Hugh is having a fundraiser on March 5th, 6:30-8-30 at Holy Smokes BBQ. Details below: read more »

Arkansas Green Campaign School now showing on Green Party US livestream

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A recent Campaign School event hosted by the Arkansas Green Party in Little Rock, with presentations by Green Party political director Brent McMillan, is now running on Green Party US livestream in a loop.

Green Party Campaign Schools consist of workshops on all aspects of political campaign organizing for candidates, campaign staff, & GP organizers.

Thanks to Ken Adler for doing the live camera.

Green Party of Ohio Candidate for State Rep District-92nd District

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Posted: Friday, February 19, 2010 9:08 am

Ty Collinsworth, a 22-year-old Hocking College student, filed Thursday on the Green Party ticket to run against Phillips, an Democrat from Athens who is serving her first term in the Ohio House.

According to Collinsworth, he is originally from the Dayton area and moved to Nelsonville more than two years ago to study digital design at Hocking College. He said he plans to transfer to Ohio University soon.

Collinsworth’s main reason for challenging Phillips, he said, is her votes on environmental issues such as clean coal and mining underneath Burr Oak State Park.

Collinsworth said he believes there are better alternatives than coal. He said his main focus is the environment.

He also said he doesn’t agree with the proposed mining to create a conveyor system under Burr Oak State Park to transport coal from one side of the park to the other. He said he understands that the park doesn’t want large coal trucks driving through it, however approving any type of mining under a state park is a “slippery slope.”

According to Collinsworth, he has been thinking about running for public office since high school, but this is his first try.

Phillips’ other challenger is Republican Mike Hunter of Athens.

Hunter is the former commander of the State Highway Patrol post in Athens. He retired in 2003 after more than 28 years with the patrol. He later served as interim police chief for the city of Nelsonville.

Hunter’s platforms are to stop unsustainable spending, reduce taxes on workers and to increase jobs in the state.

Prior to representing the 92nd District, Phillips served on Athens City Council as its 4th Ward representative. She has filed for re-election to the Ohio House.

The 92nd District is comprised of Athens, Meigs and Morgan Counties and the southwestern portion of Washington County.

Greens call Obama’s nuclear subsidies his “worst idea yet”

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WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party leaders and candidates are calling President Obama’s resurrection of nuclear power with a multi-billion-dollar taxpayer-funded subsidy for a Georgia plant his “worst idea yet” and warned about serious public health threats posed by mining, waste transportation, and waste storage. The Green Party disputes the myths that nuclear power is ‘green energy’ or a solution to the advance of climate change.

“The twin nuclear reactors in Burke County, Georgia, would be financed with $5.4 billion in loans from the Federal Financing Bank with money of the US Treasury. According to the GAO, this investment has a 50/50 percent or worse chance of failing. President Obama wants taxpayers to assume 80% of the financial risk to turn the southeast Atlantic states into a big open-pit radioactive barbeque. This investment is a terrible idea — President Obama’s worst yet,” said Lisa Green, Green candidate for California Assembly Candidate, 53rd Assembly District ( read more »

Amnesty International calls for end to intimidation of Rwandan opposition parties

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On 2/18/10, Amnesty International released a statement condemning intimidation of opposition parties, including the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, and urging Rwandan president Paul Kagame to “use the elections as an opportunity to show the government’s commitment to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly.”

Amnesty International has strongly condemned a worrying attack on a Rwandan opposition group as the country prepares for presidential elections in August 2010. read more »

Spisak heads slate of Green Party candidates in Ohio

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Spisak heads slate of Green Party candidates in Ohio


Gubernatorial candidate Dennis Spisak and his running mate Anita Rios were among those Ohio Green Party members who filed petitions of candidacy today. The candidates will appear on Ohio ‘s first Green Party Primary ballot during the May 4th election. Spisak was critical of  the two ruling parties saying, “The people of Ohio are tired of corporate politics and government controlled by the Democrats and Republicans. They want straight talk and straight answers to the problems facing Ohio; more blue-green jobs and greater employment opportunities, better funding of public education, a cleaner environment, and single payer universal health care for all Ohioans.”


Dennis Spisak is a graduate of Ohio University with a masters degree in Education from Ohio State who is currently serving his second term as a board member with the Struthers City Schools. His running mate, Anita Rios, is the President of the Ohio Chapter of NOW and a leader advocating for social justice, voter rights, and women’s issues in the Toledo area.

South End News columnist: ‘Vote Jill Stein’

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Thanks to Ross Levin at Independent Political Report for this story:

South End News columnist Shirley Kressel recently wrote a ringing endorsement of Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein:

Fortunately for us, such a candidate, Jill Stein, has entered the race.

Stein is a person of accomplishment; she is a physician and public health researcher, co-authoring “Environmental threats to Healthy Aging” and “Toxic Threats to Child Development.” A leader of the Mass Coalition for Healthy Communities, she keeps her eyes on the long-term, big-picture issues, working with experts in green jobs, local economies, public health, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and industry. I have known her for many years; her focus has always been on creating a just and sustainable society. She is a fount of knowledge, real knowledge, not just politically expedient factoids, about her web of interests. And it is a web, because more than most political figures, she understands acutely the interrelationships of all these issues, and the reason why they cannot be treated in isolated bits. Jill Stein is an inspiring figure who persists against all odds, because she knows the stakes. read more »

NHL Player Joins Canadian Green Party

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NHL hockey player Georges Laraque went Green last week.

Globe and Mail:

A Green party official said he would not be announcing plans Saturday to run for the party in an election, but would be discussing other ways he will contribute.

The party announced the Laraque event in a statement today.

The statement said Laraque will hold a public screening of the film Earthlings, and then make an announcement.

Laraque has already credited that film, which is about the exploitation of animals, for spurring him on in his public fight against puppy mills.

The 13-year NHL veteran has also become a vegan, meaning he eats no meat or other products derived from animals, like milk and cheese.