Dr. Jill Stein launches Green campaign for Massachusetts Governor

Dr. Jill Stein’s formal announcement on Monday of her campaign for governor of Massachusetts as the Green-Rainbow Party candidate drew coverage from media outlets including the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, MySouthEnd.com, and Open Media Boston.

“If you’ve had enough business as usual, if you’ve had enough of the culture of influence, if you’ve had enough payoffs and layoffs and rip-offs and bailouts, this is the campaign for you,” Stein told about three dozen cheering supporters who waved her green campaign signs.

“It’s true I’ve never been a CEO and I’ve never been a Beacon Hill insider,” Stein said. “I’ve never huddled with health insurance executives who have denied people their health care. I’ve never met in the backrooms with predatory lenders or casino ambling executives or real-estate schemers. And I just don’t owe any favors to machine bosses or big-money donors who are looking to buy influence. Sorry. I’m a mother and a medical doctor and an advocate for healthy people, healthy economies and a healthy democracy.”

The full text of Dr. Stein’s remarks can be found on her website JillStein.org.

Jill Stein ran for governor once before in 2002, when she earned 3.5% of the vote and was widely recognized for her excellent performance in the one debate she was allowed in. She received over 20% of the vote in a 2004 state rep. race and garnered over 350,000 votes for secretary of state in 2006. She currently serves as a member of Town Meeting in Lexington.

To learn more about Jill Stein’s campaign, check out JillStein.org.

Dave Schwab


  1. I’m excited about Jill Stein’s campaign. She is an articulate Green leader who should be able to channel voter dissatisfaction in MA towards positive solutions to dysfunctional state government. She’s a breath of fresh air compared to the three business-as-usual candidates.

    I’ve posted this story all over to spread the word:

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    Help spread the word!

  2. We here in Michigan are a little behind with gubernatorial candidates announcing in Illinois, Maine, California and now Massachusetts.

  3. Yes, this is looking like the best GRP gubernatorial run yet, and a great party-building opportunity.

    Ross – alternet recently added the option to create your own blog on their site.

    Lou – don’t forget Nevada and 2 in Texas! What’s cooking in Michigan?

    Here’s another interesting article at Open Media Boston. The author questions the strategy of running Greens for high office, not to lecture, but to invite dialogue about progressive strategy:


    Unfortunately, OMB has a clunky signup process, so you might have to wait to weigh in.

    Naturally, good discussions are also popping up on http://greenmassgroup.com/ .

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