Spisak heads slate of Green Party candidates in Ohio

Spisak heads slate of Green Party candidates in Ohio


Gubernatorial candidate Dennis Spisak and his running mate Anita Rios were among those Ohio Green Party members who filed petitions of candidacy today. The candidates will appear on Ohio ‘s first Green Party Primary ballot during the May 4th election. Spisak was critical of  the two ruling parties saying, “The people of Ohio are tired of corporate politics and government controlled by the Democrats and Republicans. They want straight talk and straight answers to the problems facing Ohio; more blue-green jobs and greater employment opportunities, better funding of public education, a cleaner environment, and single payer universal health care for all Ohioans.”


Dennis Spisak is a graduate of Ohio University with a masters degree in Education from Ohio State who is currently serving his second term as a board member with the Struthers City Schools. His running mate, Anita Rios, is the President of the Ohio Chapter of NOW and a leader advocating for social justice, voter rights, and women’s issues in the Toledo area.

  1. Matt says:

    To find out more about Dennis go to his web site:

  2. Dave Schwab says:

    Who else is running in Ohio on the Green slate?

  3. Dennis Spisak says:

    We have at least 3 Ohio House candidates, Vaughn Stull, Corey Ansel and Ty Collinsworth.

  4. Vaughn will run in district 61, Corey in district 22, and Ty in district 92….

  5. Pat Saunders filed for the 58th District as a Green Party Candidate with the Huron County Board of Elections on Feb. 18

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