Rich Whitney: Time to pressure the Chicago Tribune

From Rich Whitney, Green candidate for governor of Illinois who earned over 10% of the vote for governor in 2006:

From Rich Whitney:

As I left Chicago this morning, I picked up today’s Sunday Tribune and was dismayed to see, once again, the Tribune treat the governor’s race as a two-person race. The Trib is acting as if 2006 never happened. This is unacceptable. I would ask you, my supporters, especially those of you who live in or near Chicago or who subscribe to the Trib, to call or write the Trib ASAP and let them know that this is unacceptable and cannot be permitted to continue. We may need to seriously consider a more publicly visible action, like a walking picket outside the Trib offices, as a next step, if this persists.

Dave Schwab


  1. Am I the only one who is having trouble posting to Independent Political Report?

    IPR has a blog post about the decline of the Green Party, and I had wanted to add a comment that the Arizona, Arkansas, and Illinois Green Parties are better organized than every before. But I can’t get the cursor to form into a hand shape, so I can’t get it to accept.

  2. I was having that problem a while ago and so was someone else. Try using a different computer or restarting your computer – that’s all I can think of.

  3. On the subject of selective press coverage, seeing articles like the one about California that only tell half the story is frustrating. There is no mention of the fact that all registered Greens in CA got a postcard in 2008 telling them that if they wanted to vote in the primary, they would have to register as D or R. My friend from CA was very upset when he got the card, because the wording made him think that he would be deregistered if he didn’t change his registration. That’s not as bad, tho, as in NY when the board of elections tried to force Greens to unenroll after we lost ballot status in 2002 (it took a lawsuit to preserve our right to stay registered as Greens). In MA in 2008, the secretary of state used his public service announcements to promote the D and R primaries, but he made no mention of the first-ever Green-Rainbow primary, violating his legal duty. And countless people have reported trying to register Green and later finding out they were registered as unenrolled, Republican, or Democrat. These official tricks – hell, let’s call them what they are, state violations of our right to free association – are seriously underreported.

  4. Richard, quite often you can hit enter instead of pressing the button, particularly if the button is highlighted. In this case that doesn’t work.

    Other than that, such problems are more often than not solved by using a different web browser. This is one of many reasons to always have an alternate browser available, especially if your primary is IE.
    My last windows machine, about a year ago, had 13-14 browsers, and i used them all for one thing or another.

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