How can we overcome the press blackout of Green candidates?

Recent stories about media outlets and environmental organizations turning a blind eye to Green candidates Rich Whitney and Laura Wells inspired a piece at GreenChange.org entitled “How can we overcome the press blackout of Green candidates?” The piece has inspired a lively discussion with a lot of interesting ideas flying around, so come join the conversation on a topic close to our hearts here at Green Party Watch.

Dave Schwab


  1. The Green Change piece mentions that third party media are not enough, that pressure campaigns are also necessary. In CA, the AIP recently fought to be included in a forum that was only inviting Republicans and Democrats. The event ended up being canceled! (I posted a bit on this at Poli-Tea here.)

    501c3 organizations, it seems, are especially susceptible to such pressure.

  2. After reading the comments at Green Change, I would also add that it might be worthwhile, as an aspect of the media outreach network, to reach out to other third party and independent candidates, even direct rivals. Joint events or press conferences held by a number of third party and/or indy candidates gained a fair amount of coverage last presidential election. And could also provide an implicit he said/she said dynamic so beloved by the media.

  3. Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy/Fusion Executive Ticket/Full Downticket Slate. Green & Libertarian candidates call a press conference & endorse PLAS. Thgen one withdraws, endorsing the other. Guaranteed MSM coverage, esp. when polling spikes & continues to rise.

  4. PLAS=one progressive(Green) OR one Libertarian on EVERY ballot. First come, first served. Coordinate the progressive 27% vote & the 13% libertarian vote. 40% would be very competitive in a thereby three way race for close plurality victory.

  5. Fusion executive ticket. Independent consisting of a progressive/Green AND a libertarian. FDS=one Green or Libertarian on EVERY ballot.

  6. Guaranteed MSM coverage of a press conference & campaign of a PLAS candidate. Especially when they sense the possibility of election victory & voting out of most dems & reps.

  7. It seems that there was little chance of TR winning in 1912. However he could very well have won in 1916 with a few alterations in what happened. Then there could have been a Golden Age of progressivism. WW2 may very well have been avoided. The U.S. & S.U. could have been cooperative insteead of competitive. Which means there may well have been no nuclear arms race. ETC. A much better century basically. & we wouldn’t have the awful dem/rep situation in USA we have now. The libertarians might well be a caucus in the successful Progressive Party. If only TR had won…

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