March for Immigration Reform in Washington DC, Sunday 3/21

Many Greens are planning to march against US wars in Washington DC on 3/20/10, but not all may be aware that a march for immigration reform is planned for the very next day in DC. Participants in Sunday’s March for America will be marching for “Immigration reform for new American families and economic justice for all American families”. The marchers would surely be glad to discover that there’s already a national political party that shares their values. In other words, the March for America is an opportunity for outreach that Greens shouldn’t miss.

Dave Schwab


  1. Asantewaa Nkrumah-Ture of the DC Statehood Green Party will speak for the End US Wars coalition at the antiwar rally on Saturday, March 20 at Lafayette Park in Washington, DC at noon.

  2. It fits our needs perfectly the advantage of immigration reform on the country: Greater supply of unskilled workers, a younger workforce, and skilled workers in needed sectors. But there is also a disadvantage of immigration reform like Greater poverty, more educational cost, lower unskilled wage levels, and increased danger of terrorism. Thanks to the post!

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