Green Parties in TX, AR, AZ, HI need your help to get on the ballot

Several state Green Parties are collecting signatures to win ballot access for 2010 elections – and beyond! No matter where you are, there is some way to help fellow Greens win the recognition they need from their state governments. Please help any of the following states, and stay tuned for further news from other state parties.


The Green Party of Texas must collect more than 40,000 signatures in the next two months. This is a high hurdle but one that a lot of volunteers can make happen! To help the Texas Greens, contact kat@txgreens.org or call 210-471-1791. The Green Party of Texas is online at http://txgreens.org.


The Green Party of Arkansas is set to start a ballot access drive on Saturday March 20th. The drive will last until June 18. The goal of the drive is to collect at least 15,000 signatures, in the expectation that 10,000 of them will be certified. You can make a donation or volunteer at http://arkgreens.org.


The Arizona Green Party just finished collecting signatures. They turned in nearly 30,000 signatures and are hoping enough will be validated to win ballot access. The Arizona party needs financial support to meet their obligations to collectors who helped get signatures. You can send checks to: Arizona Green Party, P.O. Box 60173, Phoenix, AZ 85082.


Always wanted to take a Hawaiian vacation? If you can get to Hawaii to help collect signatures in the next few weeks, please contact http://www.greenhawaii.org/ to volunteer!

According to ballot access expert Richard Winger, “The Hawaii deadline is April 1, although there is a chance that the deadline is unconstitutionally early. The number of signatures is only 663 and if the Green Party gets on in 2010, that will help it be on automatically in the future.

Hawaii law is very strange. It says if a party petitions or otherwise qualifies for the ballot 3 elections in a row, then it is also automatically on for the next 5 elections after that. The Greens petitioned in 2008. If they petition in 2010 and also petition in 2012, then they will be on automatically in 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020, and 2022. So to goof up the 2010 petition wrecks that sequence. Greens are supposed to be future-oriented; this will be a test.”

Dave Schwab


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