A better media strategy for Greens

Gary Ruskin has written a post on Green Change about “A better media strategy for Greens”:

At national, state and local levels, I think Greens should shift much of our media efforts to what parties out of power traditionally do: hold elected officials accountable for their actions, and expose corruption, waste and malfeasance.

There are two main reasons why muckraking and watchdogging makes for a good Green media strategy.

First: it’s popular across the political spectrum. Everyone loves it. It wins votes.

Second: it’s genuinely newsworthy….

Greens are not fated to receive little or no media coverage. Many Greens get good news coverage regularly because they do things that are newsworthy….

Gary Ruskin has copious experience with the national press from 14 years as director of the Congressional Accountability Project. Read the full post at GreenChange.org.

Dave Schwab

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