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Rich Whitney joins IL Greens for immigrant rights march and other events

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From Rich Whitney for Governor:

Rich, US Senate candidate LeAlan Jones and several other Green Party candidates and volunteers will be marching in this year’s May Day Immigration March in Chicago on Saturday, May 1st. Please join us at 1pm at the corner of Lake & Ashland by Union Park.

April 30: Rich will be in Peoria this Friday for a joint campaign event at the Peoria Theater with green congressional candidate Sheldon Schafer from 6:00-10pm.

May 8: Rich joins green congressional candidate Laurel Lambert Schmidt for a fundraising brunch from 11am-1pm at 203 Parkview Road, Riverside 60546. RSVPs appreciated: read more »

MA Green-Rainbow candidates to challenge incumbents in 2010

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From the Belmont Citizen-Herald:

Northampton, Mass. — Voters are in the mood for change, according to the Green-Rainbow Party candidates nominated at the weekend meeting of the party’s State Committee in Northampton.

Nominated were: Health and environmental advocate Jill Stein for governor, Holyoke veterans’ activist Rick Purcell for lieutenant governor, Nat Fortune, a physicist at Smith College, for State Auditor. Scott Laugenour was nominated as a candidate for state representative in the 4th Berkshire District. The party also endorsed independent candidate Peter White who is running for Congress in the 10th Congressional District (being vacated by Rep. William Delahunt).

Mark Miller, a former journalist and newspaper co-owner in Pittsfield, told committee members he has just launched a campaign for the House seat in the Third Berkshire District, and expects to apply for the GRP nomination in July. read more »

Green Party of Florida Calls on Obama and Crist to declare State of Emergency in response to oil rig disaster

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From the Green Party of Florida:

Green Party of Florida calls on President Obama and Governor Crist to declare immediate State of Emergency on Gulf Coast in response to oil rig disaster; all available federal and state resources must be mobilized to protect threatened communities and wildlife habitats in four states read more »

Green Party state events for May 2010

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At least ten state Green Parties have statewide events coming up in May. Listed below are details for upcoming Green Party events in Colorado, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, and South Carolina. Attending statewide Green gatherings can be a good way to get more involved with your state’s Green Party.

Saturday 1 May

Colorado – Green Party of Colorado 2010 state convention – Florence, CO

Maine – Maine Green Independent Party 2010 state convention – Greene, ME

Minnesota – Green Party of Minnesota 2010 statewide nominating convention – Red Wing, MN

South Carolina – Green Party of South Carolina 2010 state convention – Columbia, SC

Tuesday 4 May

Ohio – Green Party of Ohio primary election

Friday 14 May

Florida – Green Party of Florida 2010 state meeting (5/14-5/16) – Peace Farm (near Gainesville, FL)

Saturday 15 May

Michigan – Green Party of Michigan 2010 state membership meeting – Lansing, MI

North Carolina – Green Party of North Carolina spring gathering – Greensboro, NC

New York – Green Party of New York 2010 state nominating convention – Albany, NY

Saturday 22 May

Maryland – Green Party of Maryland 2010 state assembly – Annapolis, MD

Green Change endorses Jill Stein for Governor of Massachusetts

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Jill Stein is running for Governor of Massachusetts.  Green Change is proud to endorse her campaign. Her record of public service and passionate advocacy for healthy communities makes her an exceptional candidate for governor.

As Governor of Massachusetts, Jill will make extraordinary commitments to creating green jobs, pursuing real health care reform, saving public education, enacting fairer taxes, and cleaning up the environment.

In the likely four-way race, Jill Stein potentially could be elected governor with as little as 26% of the vote, which translates to roughly 800,000 votes. This is not beyond reach considering that she won 18% of the vote as a candidate for Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2006.

Jill Stein refuses to take lobbyist money, and vows to end the “pay-to-play” politics that dominates the Massachusetts state legislature. Her campaign is eligible for 1-to-1 public matching funds for every dollar raised over $125,000, meaning that as soon as she raises $250,000 from supporters, she’ll be able to mount a half-million-dollar campaign.   She plans to mobilize thousands of grassroots volunteers across the state to bring their message of a healthy Green future to the people of Massachusetts.

Help Jill earn public financing for her campaign by making a contribution at
read more »

“Another party is necessary”: Green Party to hold 2010 Annual National Meeting in Detroit, June 24-27

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The Green Party prepares for its 2010 Annual National Meeting, to take place in Detroit, June 24-27

• Meeting theme: “Another US is possible, another party is necessary”; Green Party meeting coincides with the US Social Forum, also in Detroit, June 22-26

• Web site for the Green Party meeting:

• Media credentialing page:
read more »

Claudia Ellquist Elected to GPUS Steering Committee

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A resignation left the GPUS Steering Committee with a vacancy last month. Last week, the National Committee elected Claudia Ellquist of Arizona to fill out the remainder of that term. The Steering Committee consists of 7 co-chairs, a Secretary and a Treasurer. In June, 3 Steering Committee co-chairs and the Treasurer position will be up for election / re-election.

Ellquist, an Arizona attorney, is one of two co-chairs of the Arizona Green Party, co-chaired the 2010 Arizona ballot access campaign that led to 29,000 signatures, and led the 2008 ballot access campaign for the Arizona Green Party as well. Three times she has been a plaintiff to sue the state – and won – on ballot access issues, and from 1999-2001 she served as one of the original five appointed commissioners of the Arizona Citizens Clean Election Commission.

She has run twice for County Attorney in 2004 and 2008, averaging 20,000 votes each run. She has served on the national boards for NOW and Church Women United, helped run the ballot campaign in 2000 for Prop 204 that led to expanding health care to those living in poverty, worked as Executive Director of Coalition of Arizonans to Abolish the Death Penalty, which in 2001 led to the end of executions for people with IQs below 70.

Many on the National Committee hope that Ms. Ellquist will seek a full term Steering Committee seat this summer.

Green Party of Texas launches online ballot access petition

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On The Wilder Side reports:

Despite overly restrictive ballot access hurdles, the Green Party intends to be on the Texas General Election ballot this Fall. In the face of these restrictions, the Green Party of Texas has launched a controversial digital petition drive to reach eligible voters and draw attention to the absurdity and unconstitutionality of these laws that restrict voter choice and reasonable access to the ballot.

Texans can support ballot access and reforms by participating in the Green Party’s month-long Texas Digital Earth Day event online at through May 23, 2010. read more »

Columbus Government Examiner interviews Dennis Spisak

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John Michael Spinelli of Columbus Government Examiner has published an interview with Dennis Spisak, the Ohio Green Party candidate for governor.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The 2010 Green Party of Ohio candidate for governor is Dennis Spisak of Struthers, Ohio, a career educator, whose thirst for elected office was quenched in 2005, when he became one of the Green Party’s first candidates to win election to public office on the Board of Education for Struthers City Schools.

Read the full article and interview at Columbus Government Examiner.

Whitney for Governor April newsletter

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From Rich Whitney for Governor of Illinois:

It’s been a whirlwind of activity the last several months as Rich has traveled the state, holding joint events with green candidates, doing media interviews and talking with thousands of voters.

We  wanted to send these weekly e-newsletters to keep you informed & involved with the campaign.

On Wednesday, Rich and green candidates Dan Kairis, Scott Summers and Jack Ailey attended the huge rally in Springfield calling for comprehensive budget reform. Afterwards, Rich headed north to Crest Hill to speak to nearly 100 members of AFT Local 604. This weekend, he’s speaking to the Executive Board of UPI Local 4100 in Chicago. read more »

Art Goodtimes starts Rural Greens page on Facebook

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Art Goodtimes

Art Goodtimes

Art Goodtimes, Colorado’s only elected Green Party County Commissioner, has started a Facebook page for Rural Greens. Goodtimes is in San Miguel County, and runs the Telluride Mushroom Festival as poet-in-residence, as he has for the past 25 years.

The Facebook page is here. If you live in rural areas, please consider joining. There has been an interest in a rural Greens caucus for some time, and lots of our sisters and brothers live in rural areas, but don’t have a good way to connect with other Greens.

Nader (and Romanelli) take on corruption in the Keystone State

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In a two part series of articles by Ruth Ann Dailey at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the saga of Ralph Nader and Carl Romanelli and the PA Democratic Party’s fight to keep them off the ballot is covered in some detail. Both Nader and Romanelli faced challenges to their ballot access petitions in 2004, and Pennsylvania’s courts ruled that both Nader and Romanelli were responsible to pay the costs for those who took their ballot access petitions to task.

This is the first time that candidates have been charged for reviewing petitions which were found to be insufficient to secure a spot on the ballot. In essence, Nader and Romanelli were charged over $80,000 each for daring to run for office.

H/T to Ballot Access News. read more »

Arizona Green Party on immigration: “The signing of Senate Bill 1070 has created an apartheid state”

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From the Arizona Green Party website:

The Green Party-US stands firmly for social justice for all those living in this country, regardless of their immigration status. Above all, policy and law must be humane. Anything less would be inconsistent with our Green Values, and with our nation’s values. The Green Party must consider immigration issues from an international viewpoint, taking into account international labor and environmental standards, and human rights. Undocumented immigrants who are already residing and working in the United States, and their families, should be granted a legal status which includes the chance to become U.S. citizens.

Arizona Senate Bill 1070 became law on Friday, April 23, 2010. The new legislation makes it a state crime to be in the United States illegally. It requires local law enforcement to determine an individual’s immigration status if an officer suspects that person is in the country illegally.

Here is some local and national media coverage on this issue:
* ABC 15 News (Phoenix high school students march and protest at Arizona State Capitol):…
* The Rachel Maddow Show;
* PBS Newshour;

The signing of Senate Bill 1070 has created an apartheid state here in Arizona. The Arizona Green Party (AZGP) will organize with others to help overturn this legislation. Join us! La lucha continua!

Hat tip to Independent Political Report for this story.

Connecticut Green Party nominates candidates for Attorney General, Comptroller, Treasurer, Secretary of the State

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From Christopher Keating at the Hartford Courant’s Capitol Watch Blog:

The Green Party of Connecticut nominated a slate of candidates Saturday for the November election for attorney general, comptroller, treasurer, and secretary of the state.

Based on state law, the party has ballot lines for 2010 for those statewide positions. But since the party lacked the necessary 1 percent of the vote in the 2006 governor’s race, the party does not have an automatic ballot line for governor in 2010.

For attorney general, Stephen Fournier – a Hartford attorney with 30 years of active practice at the bar – gained the party’s nomination.

For secretary of the state, longtime candidate Michael DeRosa of Wethersfield accepted the party’s nod. DeRosa ran in 2006, but he was unable to get into a debate against Democrat Susan Bysiewicz.

David Bue, an investment adviser from Westport, will be the candidate for treasurer against Democratic incumbent Denise Nappier, while Colin Bennet of Westbrook has the party’s support for comptroller in the race against longtime Democratic incumbent Nancy Wyman. read more »

Green Party Among Groups Urging Feds to Suspend Nuclear Licensing of Westinghouse AP1000 Reactor, Citing Design Defect

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Green Party Among Groups Urging Feds to Suspend Nuclear Licensing of Westinghouse AP1000 Reactor, Citing Design Defect

Nuclear engineer says corrosion turns “passive” emergency feature into greater accident risk

Today, the Green Party of Florida joins eleven other national and regional environmental organizations in calling upon U.S. nuclear regulators to launch an investigation into newly identified flaws in Westinghouse’s new reactor design. read more »