High-profile Green presidential campaign in Colombia

After surpassing expectations in recent congressional elections, Colombia’s Green Party has a high-profile candidate for president in Antanas Mockus, a popular former mayor of Colombian capital Bogotá. Recent polls placed Mockus third in a crowded field of candidates – Mockus polled at 9%, while the second-place candidate was at 17%. Since then, independent candidate Sergio Fajardo – who earned 4% in the same poll – has joined Mockus as his vice-presidential running mate. Both are popular former mayors known for their commitment to ending corruption. Mockus and Fajardo are the most popular candidates on facebook and twitter, which could be taken as a sign of their popularity with young Colombians.

If the Green Party’s Mockus-Fajardo ticket places in the top two vote-getters in Colombia’s May presidential election, the Greens could advance to a head-to-head runoff, likely against the right-wing ally of President Uribe who currently leads in the polls.

Dave Schwab


  1. New opinion polls out today show Mockus in second place with 22% public support, overtaking Noemi Sanin of the Conservative Party and behind Juan Manuel Santos whose support is at 37%, still not enough to win outright in the first round of the presidential election. The trend is for Mockus and the Green Party to continue to gather support as the party is basically grabbing the headlines day after day so momentum is definitely building up. I also heard on the radio that a more reliable poll conducted by polling firm Datexco shows Santos at 36% and Mockus at 34% however the details of this have not been published yet. Colmbians are a suprising electorate, the Mockus phenomenon will deliver the presidency I’m sure.

  2. Thanks for the tip, GreenRebel.


    “Green Party presidential candidate Antanas Mockus overtook the Conservative Party’s Noemi Sanin to gain second place in a Colombian voter intention poll, behind Partido de la U’s Juan Manuel Santos, according to a survey released by the National Consulting Center on Thursday.

    As with previous polls, Santos continues to lead the race, with 37% of Colombians surveyed saying they would vote for him if the elections were held tomorrow.

    Mockus is now in second place with 22%, while Sanin dropped to third, with 20% of people favoring the Conservative candidate.

    Sanin had a strong lead on Mockus in March, when a Gallup poll was released.”

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