Lynne Williams Running for Maine State Senate

Lynne Williams, who earlier withdrew from the Governor’s race in Maine, announced this weekend that she is a candidate for State Senate Dist 28 in Coastal Hancock County.

District 28 might well be the “greenest” seat in the state. Our gubernatorial candidates in the last two elections have gotten vote totals significantly above their statewide total percentages. People in this district have truly brought to life our Ten Key Values. We are the second healthiest county in the state; our per capita vote total on No on One last November was the highest in the state; we are a district of small retail, fishing and farming families and recreational vendors. Farmers markets and community-supported agriculture are prevalent. College of the Atlantic is a key presence, as are our natural food stores, coops and alternative healers.

She joins an impressive 17 other Green Independent candidates for Maine State Legislature. Clearly the campaign passion has not left Williams:

During the State Senate campaign, I will continue speaking out about the issues that concern me, particularly the right of self-determination for local communities and local school districts, preventing inappropriate industrial development from invading our rural communities, supporting local foodscapes, and ensuring that farmers and fishing families are able to create sustainable businesses.

Her campaign website is here: www.lynnewilliams2010.org

Ronald Hardy

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