Last minute dash for cash: Trevorrow has only a few hours left to raise much needed cash

In a message to supporters at Facebook, Maine Green Independent Party chair Anna Trevorrow issued an appeal for donations to her campaign. Please donate to her campaign here. EDITOR’S NOTE…this link has been disabled, as Trevorrow has raised all the money she is allowed to raise by state law.Anna Trevorrow

Dear Friends,

As you may have heard by now, I am running for State House Representative in district 120, which represents Portland’s East End and Downtown peninsula neighborhoods. Today, I completed verification of 67, $5 qualifying contributions to the Maine Clean Election Fund. This means that I will qualify for Maine’s public campaign funding system, which levels the playing field for all candidates, and keeps private interest dollars out of campaigns.

NOW is the ONLY OPPORTUNITY for me to raise money (up to $500) from friends like you. Tomorrow (4/21/2010) is the deadline for raising this “seed” money. I am working hard this evening to raise some last minute funds to pay for sign materials to give me the edge in visibility at this early stage in the race.

Please consider making an online contribution to my campaign BEFORE the end of the day TOMORROW by clicking the donate button on this link:


And, check out my campaign website at www.AnnaTrevorrow.org



Maine’s Voter Owned Elections will only permit her campaign to raise a total of $500 in this last day. Any donations over $500 total will be returned to the contributor. Don’t let that be an excuse for not giving! Just think of it as a donation that might come back to you some day.

Trevorrow is an elected member of Portland’s Charter Commission, and will be the second Green elected to Maine’s legislature.

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