Arizona Green Party on immigration: “The signing of Senate Bill 1070 has created an apartheid state”

From the Arizona Green Party website:

The Green Party-US stands firmly for social justice for all those living in this country, regardless of their immigration status. Above all, policy and law must be humane. Anything less would be inconsistent with our Green Values, and with our nation’s values. The Green Party must consider immigration issues from an international viewpoint, taking into account international labor and environmental standards, and human rights. Undocumented immigrants who are already residing and working in the United States, and their families, should be granted a legal status which includes the chance to become U.S. citizens.

Arizona Senate Bill 1070 became law on Friday, April 23, 2010. The new legislation makes it a state crime to be in the United States illegally. It requires local law enforcement to determine an individual’s immigration status if an officer suspects that person is in the country illegally.

Here is some local and national media coverage on this issue:
* ABC 15 News (Phoenix high school students march and protest at Arizona State Capitol): http://www.abc15.com/mediacenter/local.aspx?videoid=28464@knxv.web.entri…
* The Rachel Maddow Show; http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26315908/vp/36748679#36748679
* PBS Newshour; http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/law/jan-june10/immigration_04-23.html

The signing of Senate Bill 1070 has created an apartheid state here in Arizona. The Arizona Green Party (AZGP) will organize with others to help overturn this legislation. Join us! La lucha continua!

Hat tip to Independent Political Report for this story.

Dave Schwab


  1. What part of ILLEGAL in illegal alien is not understood. If you are an illegal alien you have already broken the law. If you are an illegal alien and have broken the law by being an illegal and there are no consequences for breaking the law why not break another law — no one will do anything because we are protected Illegals

  2. Illegal alien? The concern that many have is that a specific group of people will be singled out to determine if they are legally in the country. Actually, the real concern is that this group of people will have to prove that they are in the country. This isn’t about where or not a person has broken a law, it is about people have to prove that they haven’t.

    Things that the federal government has to address.
    – How to find people who are illegally in the country.
    – How to train officers to determine if a person being investigated has sufficient identification.
    – How to implement or expand incentive programs for workers who want to contribute to the country.

    This is about how to balance immigration and migratory workers.

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