Art Goodtimes starts Rural Greens page on Facebook

Art Goodtimes

Art Goodtimes

Art Goodtimes, Colorado’s only elected Green Party County Commissioner, has started a Facebook page for Rural Greens. Goodtimes is in San Miguel County, and runs the Telluride Mushroom Festival as poet-in-residence, as he has for the past 25 years.

The Facebook page is here. If you live in rural areas, please consider joining. There has been an interest in a rural Greens caucus for some time, and lots of our sisters and brothers live in rural areas, but don’t have a good way to connect with other Greens.

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  1. This is a great idea, if it means to create a Rural Greens network.

    But, at the national level, the word “caucus” means something for the GP-US. It is for “historically oppressed groups”, who get extra representation on the National Committee, and all other committees.

    I am not a green anymore.

    When I was a green, one of my battles was to try to help keep the Diversity Committee on target to support historically oppressed groups. Part of that battle means convincing Rural Greens and Veterans that while they are important, worthy, and sometimes marginalized a bit, they are not historically oppressed, and not entitled to special representation in the same way people of color or women might need.

    Good luck to the Rural Greens. I hope they find their niche and get good things done.

    Good luck to the Diversity Committee and/or people of diversity inside the Green Party to keep the focus on those who truly need extra support.

    -Kimberly Wilder
    former Green Party member

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