Results of Minnesota Green Party nominating convention

From Green Party of Minnesota:

At a nominating convention held May 1 in Red Wing, Minnesota Green Party delegates voted unanimously to endorse Annie Young for the office of state auditor. According to Cam Gordon and Rhoda Gilman, members of her campaign team, if Young wins election to the office, it will be a victory for both her and the Green Party. If she receives at least five percent of the vote it will still win major-party status for the Greens in Minnesota.

Young has served for twenty-one years on the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and was recently elected to a sixth term as a city-wide member. She is the longest-serving Green Party officeholder in the nation and has wide experience with local government, environmental nonprofits and community organizing.

Richard Klatte of Brooklyn Center sought Green Party endorsement in the race for governor but failed to achieve the sixty percent vote needed.

In keeping with the Green Party constitution, resolutions adopted at the February caucuses will be considered at a biennial meeting scheduled for June 12 in St. Cloud.

Dave Schwab

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