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(1:10AM Central – Walter): Ok, time for bed. Congrats to all the Greens in the UK!

(12:45AM Central – Walter): I am wondering how the overall number of Green votes nationwide will be affected by most of the efforts/resources diverted to Lucas’s constituency. In 2005, the Greens got 257,758 nationwide. Right now they stand at 237,540 with some more votes to come in. Regardless I think getting a Green MP is HUGE. It changes the paradigm in that we can’t win.

(12:45AM Central – Walter): The Green Party of England and Wales has a table of results for their candidates on their website: http://www.greenparty.org.uk/elections/general_results_2010.html

5/6/10 – (12:19AM Central – Walter): Caroline Lucas on who to support in government “we will decide who to support on a case by case basis”

(11:52PM Central – Walter): CAROLINE LUCAS WINS!!!!!!! Results to be posted soon!

Name Party Votes % +/-
Caroline Lucas Green 16,238 31.3 +9.4
Nancy Platts Labour 14,986 28.9 -7.5
Charlotte Vere Conservative 12,275 23.7 +0.4
Bernadette Millam Liberal Democrat 7,159 13.8 -2.2
Nigel Carter UK Independence Party 948 1.8 +0.6
Ian Fyvie Socialist Labour Party 148 0.3 -0.1
Soraya Kara Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality 61 0.1 +0.1
Leo Atreides Independent 19 0.0 +0.0
Majority 1,252 2.4
Turnout 51,834 70.0 +7.7


(11:28PM Central – Walter): There were was some hope for Green Party candidate Tony Juniper but he did not make it in Cambridge.

Name Party Votes % +/-
Julian Huppert Liberal Democrat 19,621 39.1 -5.6
Nick Hillman Conservative 12,829 25.6 +8.3
Daniel Zeichner Labour 12,174 24.3 -8.2
Tony Juniper Green 3,804 7.6 +4.7
Peter Burkinshaw UK Independence Party 1,195 2.4 +1.0
Martin Booth Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 362 0.7 +0.7
Holborn Old Independent 145 0.3 +0.3
Majority 6,792 13.5
Turnout 50,130 65.0 +6.1

(10:55PM Central – Walter): Adrian Ramsay was defeated in Norwich South, one of the target seats for the Greens. The LibDems gained this seat from Labour. Congrats to Mr. Ramsay for well fought fight for increasing the Green vote!

Name Party Votes % +/-
Simon Wright Liberal Democrat 13,960 29.4 -0.6
Charles Clarke Labour 13,650 28.7 -8.7
Antony Little Conservative 10,902 22.9 +1.1
Adrian Ramsay Green 7,095 14.9 +7.5
Steve Emmens UK Independence Party 1,145 2.4 +0.9
Leonard Heather British National Party 697 1.5 +1.5
Gabriel Polley Workers Revolutionary Party 100 0.2 +0.0


(10:26PM Central – Walter): Still no results for the any of the Green target seats.

(9:24PM Central – Walter): I think the Lib Dems should be disappointed with their results so far. I think they were on set for 26% of the vote. I wonder what the Green % national will be.
(9:00PM Central – Gregg) Green Party leader Caroline Lucas addressed the first-ever debates between the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties this way: The televised prime ministerial debates were a “three-party stitch up”, which failed to address key policy areas, the Green Party leader has said.

Derrick Wall, another Green Party leader, has written at Another Green World, about the debates and the Liberal Democrats’ surprising showing in the debates this way:

Well I have hated Cleggmania and I still do!

We are urged to vote tactically for a party which will support proportional representation (except it won’t, Nick having said it is not a precondition for a coalition and Brown going for non proportional AV+).

We are urged to vote for them as greens, yet Clegg has clocked up hundreds of miles by plane in the last couple of days and if they can get votes or do deals the lib dems support incinerators or mega roads like the Newbury by-pass.

And don’t get me on to Trident, they support a bargain basement nuclear weapons system.

However at least Cleggmania has discomforted the right wing media and may give the Conservatives some stress.

The most important thing is to vote Green

I’m afraid that I wasn’t able to add a lot tonight, but I must wake up tomorrow at 4:45…so off to bed with me. Thanks for checking in readers. We here at Green Party Watch appreciate you very much.

(8:50pm Central – Gregg) The Green Party of England and Wales leader, Carolina Lucas, is saying that the Greens are “quietly confident” they have won their first Parliamentary seat.

Ms Lucas has previously said a hung parliament would be “interesting”.

“Both in terms of perhaps increasing our chances of getting a fairer electoral system, so that people’s voices are properly heard. But also of course in giving the Greens that bit more influence. So, I think these are pretty exciting days ahead,” she told BBC News.

(8:34pm Central – Gregg) I think this shows the dedication of the folks here at Green Party Watch, not only to the site, but to the party as well. Thanks to Walter for doing this tonight, and to Dave for all he’s written over the past few months.

Now…news…The BBC is reporting that the Conservative Party seems to have gained a dozen seats, while Labour has lost eleven, and the Liberal Democrats have lost one. The “First Past the Post” system used in England has resulted in some odd outcomes, just as the US Electoral College has on occasion. The BBC report says that Labour has won a higher percentage of the vote than the Conservatives, but the Conservatives won additional seats, while the higher vote earning Labour Party won fewer. The Liberal Democrats saw a vote total 2/3 the size of the Conservatives, but they have won only 1/10 the number of seats.

Apparently all three of the largest parties are saying that exit polls are not to be trusted. One commentator points out that exit polls do not include voters who voted by mail, and as such may be well off the mark.

(6:56pm Central – Walter): Ok, I have a local GP chapter meeting i have to attend! Sorry! If someone from GPW wants to update this until I get back please do! And guests are free to update us in the comments section! Many thanks!

(6:30pm Central – Walter): ALRIGHT some BRIGHTON PAVILION COVERAGE! The BBC is saying that its looking good for Caroline Lucas! Hurrah!

(6:13pm Central – Walter): Haha, the BBC reporter is at some swanky party and interviewing these pundits who are clearly quite drunk! LOL

(6:11pm Central – Walter): Apparently there’s been a ‘bomb alert’ at one of the polls in Northern Ireland…oh boy..

(6:08pm Central – Walter): The BBC is calling the hundred maybe thousands of voters waiting in line being turned away at the close of polls a “scandal.”

(5:28pm Central – Walter): Second seat in Washington and Sunderland called for Labour. Labour HOLD.

(4:52pm Central – Walter): First seat has been called for Labour. This was safe seat for Labour in Houghton and Sunderland. No surprise.

(4:21pm Central – Walter): BBC is saying some voters were turned away at the close of the polls because the lines were too long…

I think the best situation would be to have a Lab-LibDem coalition government. The #1 demand of any LibDem coalition agreement would be….PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION. So that would work well for the Greens, Lib Dems, and smaller parties. But will the Labour Party agree to such a demand?

(4:08pm Central – Walter): I think that exit poll is a crock, the LibDems should be gaining seats

(4:05pm Central – Walter): BBC Exit poll seat breakdown:

326 needed for a majority

Conservatives: 307
Labour: 255
Liberal Democrats: 59
Other: 27

I hope that “other” includes a couple of Green MPs :)

(4:01pm Central – Walter): BBC is predicting a hung parliament with the Tories as the largest party, short of a majority.


I'm a member of the Illinois Green Party.


  1. 648 Seats in the U.K.

    Green Party has candidates in over 330 districts.

    That’s excellent.

    Imagine that the U.S. Green Party had candidates in half the U.S. Senate races this year, and Green Party candidates in half the U.S House districts.

    That would be 17 Green Party U.S. Senate candidates.
    and 220 Green Party U.S. House candidates.

  2. It is also interesting that the U.K. Green Party does very well in the elections for European Parliment. Often getting 10% to 15% if memory is correct. But first past the post in the national elections really drives down the Green Party results.

    The Scottish National Party also is party of the European Green Party group in the Euro Parliment….

  3. Another big election coming up Sunday for the Green Party in Germany.

    The election is in Germany’s biggest state. There are 16 German states. North Rheinland West Pfahlen is the largest. The Green Party is at between 10 and 12% in state polls in NRW. National polls show the Green Party in Germany at 16% and counting.

    With 12 to 14% of the vote the Green Party could form a new governing coalition either with the conservative CDU or centrist SPD.

  4. Excited BBC reporter – live from Brighton Pavilion — “They’re predicting here that Caroline Lucas will win the first every Green Party seat in Westminister tonight….Official results have not started to be counted yet…But Green Party leaders tell me they had 200 people going door to door today. Many committed Green Party voters received as many as 3 telephone calls today to remind them to get to the polls. Greens were out on bicycles, motorpads, and lorries picking up constituents and taking them to the polls to vote for the Green Party leader Caroline Lucas. Veterans are calling it the best, and strongest Green Party campaign ever…”

  5. Derrick Wall, former male primary spokesperson for the Green Party of England and Wales, is reporting the following:

    General Election: Tories by a whisker?

    The big exit poll suggests the Lib Dems will lose seats, from 62 to 59…..shocking if true because they are likely to get a higher percentage than last time….according to all the previous polls. Electoral Reform is needed, doubt that it will be achieved.

    Tories 307 but they need to 326 to rule.

    Labour 255.

    Things to watch.

    1) Northern Ireland, the Ulster Unionists are now re-married to the Tories, currently on zero, will they take seats or will the DUP align with the Tories?

    2) Tactical voting, will this help Labour and the Lib dems?

    3) West Midlands, lots of key marginals that could go Tory?

    4) Will the people I like like Caroline Lucas, Salma Yaqoob, other Greens like Adrian Ramsay in Norwich or the independent Socialist in Blaneau Gwent…win?

    5) Scotland and Wales look to be rebounding for Labour.

    So I am still scratching my head, sadly could be Tories by a whisker?

    Right off to the count now, will report back later!

  6. 4:45 AM GMT. Caroline Lucas did it: “Thank you so much for putting the politics of hope above the politics of fear.”


    The first Green MP in the House of Commons, in addition to the big three parties. She could have huge importance using her vote to get things done particularly in the budget. The Scottish Greens have had some success in that way.

    Congratulations to Caroline Lucas and good going to the Green Party of England and Wales.

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