Green Appointed to New Mexico Election Commission

Political parties to help develop election rules
May 10, 2010

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) – Secretary of State Mary Herrera has formed a committee of political party representatives to help with regulations implementing new state election laws.

Herrera announced Monday the appointment of members of the Democratic, Republican and Green parties to the committee.

The panel will assist the secretary of state’s office in developing rules for a law requiring a check of the accuracy of vote tabulators before the November general election. The law also requires a post-election audit of tabulators in random precincts in races in which the winning margin is less than 15 percent.

Named to the committee were Democrat Paul Stokes of Corrales, Republican Barbara Blackwell of Santa Fe and Green Party member Sean Knight of Pojoaque.

(hat tip to Brent McMillan for the story)

Ronald Hardy


  1. Green Party Set to Gather Disaffected Lib Dems

    by Vicky Portwain on 05/15/2010

    The Green Party has asked Lib Dem voters not happy with Nick Clegg joining forces with the Tories to talk to the Greens instead.

    Green Party MSP Patrick Harvie said “Lib Dem members and supporters did not work hard over the last weeks and months to see their party become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tories“. He said the Liberal Conservative coalition decision “will be the death-knell for the Lib Dems here in Scotland“.

    Caroline Lucas MP, leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, said:


  2. Huffington Post is writing about the Columbia Green Party candidate for President..

    Worth a read. The post gets it wrong.

    The Green Party in Columbia calls itself centrist, just as the German Green Party often does these days.

    A family member is now in Columbia, and she says the Green Party is running a very strong centrist campaign.

    Here’s the Huffington take, for what it’s worth…

    Mired in populist demagoguery and environmentally-unfriendly resource extraction, the South American left is in dire need of ideological renovation. But, where is the likely inspiration to come from? You could not pick a more unlikely candidate than Colombia, a key U.S. ally in the region. And yet, if recent polls are correct, the Green Party could be cruising toward electoral victory in the troubled Andean nation and is currently poised to capture the presidency.


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