Connecticut Green Party “taking different approach”

The Hartford Courant recently featured the CT Green Party in an article entitled “With Eye on Election Day, Green Party Taking Different Approach”:

“Millionaires and celebrities get all the attention,” said Tim McKee, a spokesman for Connecticut Greens and a member of the party’s national committee. “We want to get more average people running for office, but it’s becoming harder and harder. … It’s a millionaires’ club.”

This year, the Green Party has candidates for attorney general, secretary of the state, treasurer and comptroller. It has no candidate for governor at this point…

McKee and other Green activists are taking a different approach this year, focusing on winning legislative races in addition to the four state constitutional offices.

So far, the party has nominated four candidates for the General Assembly. It also tapped Scott Deshefy, a retired DEP worker from Lebanon, to run for Congress from the 2nd District.

“We’re trying to be realistic,” McKee said. “You spend a lot of money and energy running for high-profile offices, but it’s hard to get press, hard to get into any debates. … There are just tremendous hurdles for a party that’s trying to grow.”

Read the full article at the Hartford Courant.

Dave Schwab


  1. Great story. Thanks.

    It’s always been a founding fundamental for the Green Party.

    Regular folks running for office, and getting elected.

    The nobelest of Green Party politics.

    Also in the news tonight a Green is running for State Senate in Arizona.
    Dave Ewoldt has filed in that same office as an Independent as well. Dave was the campaign manager for Green candidate Dave Croteau for Mayor in 2007 and has been active in the Green Party. Ewoldt’s campaign flyer describes himself as “Politically experienced, but Independent to the core.” He is a practitioner and researcher in the field of ecopsychology.


  2. The Green Party in Spain is saying of the new austerity measures, “It’s the weak that are paying…”

    Mr Zapatero’s political allies expressed dismay at his plan. “It is the weak who are paying,” said Joan Herrera of the Left Green Party. Spain’s ruling Socialist Party has been trailing in polls against the conservative Popular Party – but not by much because of a corruption scandal involving high-ranking opposition leaders and voter distrust of Mr Rajoy.


  3. Another Green is running for office..

    The Daily Review reports tonight..

    Kesich announces candidacy in State Representative race

    The story is by Eric Hrin.

    State Rep. Matt Baker has an opponent.

    According to a news release, John Kesich, from Millerton, a registered Green Party member, on Monday officially announced his candidacy for Baker’s seat as State Representative for the 68th district

  4. In Sweden….

    The Green Party is in a dead heat…
    The poll by Novus Opinions for TV4 puts support for the governing Alliance for Sweden at 46.5 percent of decided voters, an increase of 2.3 percentage points since Novus’ last poll. Meanwhile, backing for the Red-Green opposition shrank 2.5 percentage points to 47.5 percent of decided voters. The difference between the blocks is now so small that it is statistically insignificant.


  5. Veterans today is reporting on the Ohio Green Party…

    The Green Party of Ohio has been around a lot longer than the two party system controlling the ballot would like. Like a thorn in the side of the Republican Party that the Libertarian Party can be, one could consider the Green Party as moderate to left of center to leftists voters. It is composed of grassroots activists, environmentalists, advocates for social justice, nonviolent resisters, and regular citizens who’ve had enough of corporate-dominated politics. A good portion of the Peace movement would may also be found in this party in growing numbers.


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