Green candidate for NY governor wants a government ‘for the people’

The Legislative Gazette has a piece reporting on Howie Hawkins, the likely nominee of the New York Green Party for governor. Green nominees for governor and other statewide offices will be decided Saturday 15 May at the party’s nominating convention in Albany. From the article:

If Hawkins is able to garner 50,000 votes during the gubernatorial vote, the party will be able to have an official ballot line, which is a goal of the campaign.

Hawkins’ campaign slogan, “Tax Wall Street, Not Main Street,” echoes the sentiments of the party, which shuns corporate funding and aims for a more grassroots support base.

“We see the basic issue in this campaign as whether our state government is going to be for the people or continue to serve the super rich and the giant corporations and whether it is going to represent main street and Martin Luther King Boulevard or continue to represent Wall Street,” said Hawkins. “And we are running because we are on the side of the people.”

His platform includes a more progressive tax system, proportional representation, ending the war on drugs, single-payer health care, the establishment of a state bank, and the push for cleaner energy.

Read the full article at the Legislative Gazette.

Dave Schwab


  1. Green Party gaining new members..

    After Lib Dems sell out across the pond…

    Some Liberal Democrat officials, party members and voters have withdrawn their support from the party. Alex Kear, the chairman of the Worcester Liberal Democrats branch and a lifelong member, said that he felt “betrayed” by new deputy prime minister Nick Clegg and was leaving to join the Green party.

    “I’ve always been one who is for proportional representation and having a better and more fair voting system,” said Kear, “and I felt that opportunity of getting that in through legislation has been lost this week. I feel the Lib Dems have opted for a watered down version to get themselves in power. A hung parliament means hung – it shouldn’t be two parties making it up.”

    Other former Lib Dem supporters, especially younger voters, said that Clegg’s decision had caused them to lose faith with mainstream politics and return to grassroots activism.

    Jane Watkinson, 22, a longstanding Lib Dem blogger and secretary of the Lib Dem Society at Leeds University, is also joining the Green Party. “My policy disagreements are vast,” she writes on her blog, “but here are a few I am specifically adverse to: I did not like our policies on immigration already, but we are now going to support a total cap – illiberal.


  2. Green Party candidate for President

    Amazon defender Silva enters Brazilian election race
    Raymond Colitt
    Sun May 16, 2010 4:32pm EDTRelated NewsRousseff ahead in Brazil presidential race: poll

    HIGHLIGHTS-Brazil candidate Serra’s remarks on policy issues
    Mon, May 10 2010 Brazil’s former environment minister Marina Silva talks during a meeting with Brazilian businessmen in Sao Paulo October 29, 2009.

    Credit: Reuters/Paulo Whitaker

    BRASILIA (Reuters) – Former rubber tapper turned environmentalist Marina Silva joined Brazil’s presidential race as candidate for the small Green Party on Sunday, pledging clean government and sustainable development.


  3. “People are pretty fed up.” This was the rallying cry of Howie Hawkins, the recently nominated Green Party candidate for Governor, during the party’s New York State nominating convention Saturday in Albany, NY. Hawkins is just one part of a slate of candidates fielded by the Greens as they prepare to challenge the two-party dominance in the state. Each member of the slate spoke about working to achieve the same end goal – gaining 50,000 votes for governor and achieving ballot status.


  4. NY Green Party nominates Howie Hawkins for gov

    Associated Press – May 15, 2010 8:15 PM ET

    ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) – The Green Party of New York State has formally announced its nomination of Howie Hawkins in the gubernatorial race.

    Hawkins has run several times on the Green Party ticket. In 2005, he tried to become the mayor of Syracuse. In 2006, he campaigned to become a U.S. senator.

    Also nominated Saturday were Gloria Mattera for lieutenant governor, as well as Colia Clark and Cecile Lawrence for U.S. Senate.

    Hawkins said in a statement that “the people of New York need someone in Albany who will stand up for Main Street and Martin Luther King Blvd.” The candidate also promised to “tax Wall Street in order to invest in Main Street.”


  5. Conservative candidate ripped over tie to Green Party
    May 16, 2010 By DAN JANISON dan.janison@newsday.com

    Other Columnists

    For major-party candidates, ties to alternative parties can bring advantages or burdens.

    Businessman Randy Altschuler seeks the GOP nomination against 1st Congressional District Rep. Tim Bishop (D-Southampton). He’s endorsed by Suffolk’s Conservatives. But he’s also drawn fire from rivals for having once registered about a decade ago with the leftish Green Party.

    Some of those who have…


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