CT Law Tribune profiles Stephen Fournier for Attorney General

The Connecticut Law Tribune has a piece about Stephen Fournier, the Connecticut Green Party’s candidate for Attorney General:

So how does the Green Party agenda translate to the attorney general’s position?

“It really doesn’t,” Fournier said. “The AG can lobby for a change in laws, and I would do that. But you have to de-emphasize politics when you’re representing the people” in court.

One his main targets would be mortgage lenders.

In the last few years of his practice, Fournier was hired by lenders to serve as local attorney for customers’ mortgage refinances. There were multiple times when closing papers listed costs and interest rates that were higher than customers were told they would be, he said. “I got fired by [lenders] because I told people not to sign the papers,” Fournier said. “I’m sure there’s plenty of this still going on.”

He’d also mix it up with a “rogue” federal government that tramples citizens’ and state’s rights on a variety of issues, he said.

Read the full article at the Connecticut Law Tribune.

Dave Schwab

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