Green Change: 8 Young Greens to Watch

From GreenChange.org:

Introducing 8 Young Greens to Watch: 8 young candidates who are running hard to bring our values into the halls of power. With your help, 2010 can be a breakthrough year for the Green movement from Maine to California.

At Green Change we’re committed to connecting you with candidates who share your Green values. And we’re passionate about inspiring young people to get active in the Green movement to transform politics in America.

Read about these 8 young Greens to watch, then spread the word!

LeAlan Jones gained international acclaim at age 13 for his work on the documentary “Ghetto Life 101″, a portrayal of life on Chicago’s south side. LeAlan is running for US Senate to work for single-payer health care, quality universal education, an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, public campaign financing, green jobs and transportation, and much more.

Hugh Giordano is an award-winning union organizer in Philadelphia with a Master’s degree in Legal and Ethical Studies. Hugh is running for Pennsylvania State House to work for green jobs, quality education, single-payer health care, workers’ rights and more.

Cynthia Santiago of Los Angeles is a law student and an activist for environmental justice for low-income communities. Cynthia is running for California State Assembly to work for environmental justice, youth violence prevention, sustainable development and investing in education instead of incarceration.

Dan Craigie of Minneapolis served four years as a Navy technician before working his way to a Master’s degree in public policy. Dan is running for Minnesota State House to work for renewable energy, single-payer health care, environmental protection, equal rights and more.

Anna Trevorrow was elected in 2009 to serve on the City Charter Commission in Portland, Maine, where she advocated instant runoff voting and other reforms. Anna is running for Maine State House to work for progressive tax reforms, living wage, single-payer health care, greater transportation choice and more.

Alberto Bocanegra
is a Chicago community organizer who has been active in efforts for immigration reform and affordable housing. Alberto is running for Alderman to fight Chicago’s notorious corruption and ensure equal rights for underprivileged communities.

Erin Cianchette is a music teacher, peace and environmental activist, and graduate student in public policy and non-profit management from Cumberland, Maine. Erin is running for Maine State House to work for renewable energy, green job creation, single-payer health care, equal rights for all, and more.

Jeremy Karpen of Chicago is an anti-violence counselor and therapist for troubled youth. Jeremy is running for Illinois State House to work for single-payer health care, mass transit, affordable housing, quality public education, and political reforms to clean up Illinois’ notoriously corrupt politics.

You can help these young Greens build momentum by giving them a contribution and sharing this page with your friends and family.

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Dave Schwab


  1. That’s the Green Party candidate for mayor of Oakland referred to above….

    That damn prop 14 in california is just another way to exclude Green Party candidates from the ballot…

    Evil stuff


    For Immediate Release
    May 17, 2010
    Contact: info [at] voteforduane.org

    ANAHEIM, Calif — Duane Roberts, Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate, says Prop 14 is a “power grab” by big business interests that will disenfranchise millions of Californians by limiting their choices at the polls. Roberts urges voters to reject this “unprecedented attack on democratic rights”:

    “Prop 14 is power grab by a handful of California’s biggest business interests who seek to weaken the influence that millions of trade unionists, seniors, homeowners, environmentalists, and small businesspeople have in the candidate selection process under the closed primary system.



  2. Over in Ireland

    The Green Party was awarded total funding of €739,130 last year while Sinn Féin got €827,719.

    Guess at about $1.20 per Euro…that’s about a million bucks for the Green Party in Ireland from the federal election system…

    here’s rest of story..

    The five main parties – Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Labour, Sinn Féin and the Green Party – received funding of €5,438,385 under the electoral acts. In addition, the parties, along with the now defunct Progressive Democrats, received €8,164,879 under the Party Leaders Allowance legislation.

    According to the figures, Fianna Fáil received over €5.2 million in exchequer funding, comprising of €2.3 million received under the electoral acts and a further €2.9 million under the Party Leaders Allowance legislation.

    Fine Gael received a total of €4.4 million in exchequer funding last year, of which €2.9 million was given under the Party Leaders Allowance legislation and €1.5 million under the electoral acts.

    The Labour Party was granted total exchequer funding of €2.2 million in 2009, of which €1.5 million were given under the Party Leaders Allowance.


  3. This really is a great story…

    It was very helpful that you included the green candidate’s web sites…

    encourage you to do more multiple candidate stories like this…

    The more you promote them here, the more they’ll be promoted elsewhere..

  4. Warnings on mobile phones needed
    Tuesday, 18 May 2010, 12:29 pm
    Press Release: Green Party
    18 May 2010

    Warnings on mobile phones needed

    The Green Party is calling for health warnings on mobile phone packaging in the light of findings from the Interphone Study which shows extended use of mobile phones may increase the risk of brain tumours.

    The international 10-year study released today relied on peoples’ recollection of how much they used mobile phones. It primarily concentrated on brain tumours.

    Green Party Health spokesperson Sue Kedgley said New Zealanders have one of the highest uptakes of mobile phones in the OECD.


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