Green MA State Rep candidate talks tax fairness

Scott Laugenour, the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party candidate for State Representative in the 4th Berkshire district, posted a statement on Green Mass Group entitled “Tax Fairness – A Candidate’s Statement”:

People know that the system of taxation is regressive; they also know that the disbursement of public spending is regressive:  those who pay the most as a percent of their income have their benefits squeezed.  The polarizing effect of regressive taxation was evident even when economic times were good; the effects are exasperated now as more essential services are cut.  Our tax system is hurting the health and vibrancy of our communities.

Read the full post at Green Mass Group.

Dave Schwab

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  1. Tax fairness indeed.

    Thank you for the story.

    Tonight “The Standard” newspaper in Austria features a story focusing on the remarks of Green Party leader in the Euro Parliament, Dany Cohn-Bendit.

    When you look at all the taxes we pay, whether in the U.S., or Europe, Dany raises the central point. The interview with Dany deals with the Greece bailout…

    “Europe loans Greece money so Greece can turn around and buy eurpean made weapons!!!
    It is insane!! The sickest, most destructive kind of insanity..”


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