Dalai Lama wants to join the Green Party

An article at Belief.net describing the Dalai Lama’s press conference at the start of his recent visit to New York reports that the Tibetan spiritual leader is still interested in joining the Green Party:

He was quite energized about ecology; he said humanity seemed to be growing up. And he noted, “Oh, you don’t have a Green Party here [actually, the USA does], but if you did, maybe I would join the Green Party!”

The Dalai Lama previously expressed support for Greens at a University of Michigan lecture in 2008, when he said “If you have a Green Party, I want to join.” Video:

Dave Schwab


  1. Green Party Leader Petra Kelly brought the Dali Lami many times to Germany for events, and had him speak at Green Party events.

    He’s been a fan of Petra Kelly and the Green Party for at least 30 years.

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