CA Greens raising money to air “No on Prop 14″ ad

The California Green Party is raising money to air an ad urging voters to vote no on Proposition 14, the Top Two Primaries Act. In Washington, where Top Two was used for 2008 elections, it helped incumbents and big-money candidates, and eliminated independent and third-party candidates from the ballot. Here is the ad the CA Green Party plans to run:

You can help put this ad on the air before the June 8th vote on Proposition 14 by contributing to the California Green Party today. According to GPCA press secretary Cres Vellucci, the cost of a single ad on CNN, Headline News or MSNBC is about $15-20.

To donate by check, contributions for the spot should go to the Green Party of California, Treasurer, PO Box 485, San Francisco, CA 94104. Make sure they note “for TV spot.”

To donate online, contribute to the California Green Party and send an email to cvellucci [at] cagreens [dot] org specifying that your donation is for the anti-Prop 14 TV ad.

Please donate today to help save Green and independent politics in California.

Dave Schwab

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  1. We need a strong Green Party in the U.S.

    We need Green Party candidates on every ballot, in every race, local, state and federal in the United States.

    My family and I applaud the patrioitic work the Green Party is doing across our beloved nation.

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