Colombian election today

Colombia’s Presidential election was held today, and election results are expected soon. A preliminary report from Reuters shows the establishment candidate, Juan Manuel Santos, ahead by 47.7% to 22.3% for the Green Party nominee, Antanas Mockus. With only 6.29% of the vote reported so far, the results are inconclusive. Earlier reports indicated that Santos would do best in rural Colombia, while Mockus would do best in urban settings. More as returns come in.

Mockus’ Facebook page, in Spanish, is here.

UPDATE: Reuters is now reporting that Santos stands at 46.8% of the vote to Mockus’ 21.38%. With 46.8% of the vote counted, Reuters is now reporting that a run-off is likely. The updated Reuters piece is here.

Earth Times is now reporting that, with 72% of the votes counted, Mockus stands at just under 20% of the vote. Santos, they are reporting, still faces a run off, having so far brought in 46% of the vote.

In comments at his Facebook page, Mockus’ supporters are expressing concerns about possible corruption of the vote, but also calling for a “Yellow, Green and Red United in the Run Off”

The BBC is reporting that Santos is ahead in the election results, but is not reporting any numbers.

Here’s an example of comments at Mockus’ Facebook page, translated by Babel Fish.

Hummm… the numbers are cold. The voting obtained by Santos, comes from the majority that does not understand that this candidate represents, the continuity of the corruption the violence. The rest of the voting is of all (that we are less.) those that still we think that making correct the country it would leave ahead. But (translation failed)… intention, we have left the second return and they are possible to be done much! we go Antanas has left a return, to straighten the way and to arrive at the presidency!

Now AFP, a French news agency, is reporting on the Santos/Mockus race here.

With 86 percent of the vote counted, former defense minister Santos was ahead by 46.5 percent to Green Party member and former Bogota mayor Mockus’s 21.7 percent, election officials announced in a statement.

AFP is also reporting that turn-out was under a third, when earlier reports had indicated that the usual turn out was in the 40% range, and this election was expected to bring out up to 50% of the voters.

Another post at Mockus’ Facebook page, translated by Babel Fish.

Thanks to give back us the hopes to so many Colombians, thanks for its good faith and its better desire to do something different by this country. But, if it gains Saints is clear that, in spite of the efforts, he is stronger the illegality and the corruption in Colombia. With the same love and the same force we go yet to the second return! Mockus President!

One of the tools Mockus has used to promote his campaign has been the use of “flash mobs”…people who gather en masse in a public place and suddenly stand still until others begin to notice and ask what’s going on. They then break out and begin engaging their fellow citizens in a discussion of the presidential campaign. Here a supporter suggests continuing to use this tactic.

Good people. This went to second return and we have much work to do. We must turn upside down to the street door door to argue so that our candidate represents the best option the country. I suggest summons Mobs Flash in all the national territory, where they meet in different zones from its cities and Begin to touch door door and to explain the proposals of Mockus. Saludo and intention that this is a effort of long term.

AFP is now reporting that Santos is in a strong position going into a run off election on June 20th. The full article is here.

Former Colombian Defence Minister Juan Manuel Santos will enter a presidential runoff in a strong position after voters gave him a comfortable lead in the first-round vote on Sunday. Skip related content

With no candidate securing more than 50 percent of the votes needed to avoid the June runoff, Santos, an ally of outgoing President Alvaro Uribe, will face off with former Bogota Mayor Antanas Mockus on June 20. He led Mockus by 47 percent to 22 percent with most polling stations counted.

The Miami Herald is reporting on election results as well.

With 79 percent of precincts reporting, Santos was ahead with 46.5 percent of votes to 21.6 percent for Mockus, according to the unofficials returns.

If no candidates gets over 50 percent, the two top finishers will face-off in a runoff election on June 20. The winner will succeed the wildly popular President Alvaro Uribe.

Election officials have said they expect to be able to have 95 percent of the votes counted three hours after the polls closed at 5 p.m. EST.

aljazeera is reporting on the election as well.

Santos was even winning in Bogota, seen as Mockus’ stronghold, with 40 per cent of the vote to 27 per cent for the capital’s two-time mayor.

News reports seem to have slowed. I’m going out for a walk, and will return with more in a bit over an hour.

Supporters of Mockus

Green Party supporters of Mockus

We summon all the citizens from Colombia to that they are added in the second return to this great citizen alliance that takes to us to that next the 20 of June the winning project is the one of the Democratic Legality. – Antanas Mockus

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  1. Quality GPW coverage. Well done.

    The Green Party results are excellent.

    The polling leading up the election appeared to show the Green Party candidate as high as 42 per cent..

    The results, while still outstanding, are a something of a surprise.

    Let’s hope for a Green Party election in the run off.

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