Interview with Nicholas Ladendorf, MO Green for Congress

KSPR TV in Missouri has an interview with Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf, Progressive Party nominee for US House of Representatives in MO-7.

Q:  As a brand new Congressman, how do you plan to make southwest Missouri’s voice heard in a body of 435 people?

A: What I’m doing is I’m putting my agenda out there, my views.  I’m hoping the voters will see that their values line up with mine.  I’m not going to put my finger to the wind and try to get, you know, figure out what they want to hear.
Q: What’s the most important issue facing the Ozarks and the nation?  How do you intend to address it as a Congressman?

A: The closest thing I could see to a quick fix with all the economic issues we’re having is the legalization of marijuana and hemp.  We just can’t continue to fund this war on drugs and lock up people, breaking up families and all the other issues that come up with it.

Read the full article at KSPR.

Dave Schwab

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