Cleveland Green City Councilman Brian Cummins on WKSU

Cummins, a self-described Green Party and Democratic Party member, is up for re-election in Cleveland. His district has been redrawn and he is now running in a district very different than the one he represented in the recent past. He was interviewed on WKSU recently to get his views on the city’s plans to bring LED lighting to the city.

H/T to Vaughn Stull.

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  1. FYI — On a related note, see the brief appearance on Feagler & Friends on WVIZ taped this past Friday 5-28-2010. My discussion with Dick regarding the City’s LED lighting contract (that was tabled the previous Monday) begins at about the 20:05 mark on the 27:27 minute length show.


    In addition, there was another radio news spot on the Cleveland PBS radio affiliate WCPN:


    And, lastly – my main arguments against the proposed contract (sinced tabled), as well as an independent Cleveland news veteran’s take on the issue:


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