Thursday is Democracy Day: Pledge $10 to Jill Stein for MA Governor

Organizers of Democracy Days 2010 are taking pledges to give $10 to Jill Stein’s campaign for Governor of Massachusetts on Thursday 10 June, the first in a series of Democracy Days meant to boost grassroots candidates who don’t accept corporate money. According to organizers, over 150 people have already pledged to contribute on Thursday. From democracydays.com:

The major media outlets have been working overtime to silence the one gubernatorial candidate who refuses to take money from corporate lobbyists and from corporate executives who hire lobbyists. Green-Rainbow Party candidate Jill Stein has launched an impressive grassroots attack on politics-as-usual, and has recently surged from 3% in the polls to 8% despite an overall media whiteout. Major newspapers are excluding her from coverage, and the first broadcast gubernatorial debate held by WRKO-AM’s “Tom and Todd” show is trying to keep her off the roster.

We at Democracy Days are trying to change that.
Build the clean money tidal wave they can't ignore

It’s critical that the one clear voice for common sense solutions, for justice, sustainability, and a healthy new economy that works for everyone, be included in the political process. At a time when we desperately need more voices and more choices, shutting Jill Stein out of the political discourse is an attack on democracy itself.

Please take a stand for liberty, justice, and democracy, and participate this Thursday in the very first Democracy Day. All you have to do is give $10 on Thursday to Jill Stein’s campaign for governor, indicate that it’s for Democracy Day, and help us build the clean money tidal wave that will overwhelm the big money forces that are trying to silence the voice of We, The People.

And if you want to tell WRKO that it’s not too late to reverse a bad decision and invite all the viable gubernatorial candidates to the very first broadcast debate — you can sign the petition at http://gopetition.com/petitions/let-jill-debate.html

Dave Schwab


  1. I think DemocracyDays.com is already having an impact having barely gotten out of the gate. If you follow the “working overtime” link you’ll see the Globe JUST added a picture of Jill Stein linked to her candidate profile. Compare that to the images on the sidebar of DemocracyDays.com! The last thing The Boston Globe wants to do is help Green Party candidates fundraise! But if you go to http://www.boston.com/news/politics/ you’ll see they’re still leaving her out.

  2. Eli – that’s awesome. I’m not Uncle Pennybags here, but I may accidentally give more than $10 tomorrow. Let’s put Jill on the front page headlines.

  3. Yeah, the Globe just acknowledged Jill Stein exists. So does Cahill apparently. Not bad. Now lets get a few thousand people to give $10!

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