In Oklahoma, Dr. Edward Shadid announces historic bid for State House, Seeks Green Party endorsement

In a press release at his Facebook pageOklahoma Green Party does not have ballot status, so Dr. Shadid must run as an independent. The full text of his announcement is below the fold.

Dr. Edward Shadid announces historic bid for State House, Seeks Green Party endorsement


For more information contact: info@voteshadid.org

Dr. Shadid will run as an independent seeking the endorsement of the Green Party.

Dr. Shadid is a member of a long litany of physicians from the Shadid family predating the State’s inception in 1907. Dr. Shadid was born in 1968 in Oklahoma City to a plastic surgeon, Edward A Shadid Sr, and a nurse later turned attorney, Ellen Darlene Shadid. Dr. Shadid was later joined in the Oklahoma medical community by his brother Chris, an anesthesiologist, his brother Derek, a plastic surgeon, and his sister Nicole, a psychiatrist. Michael Shadid, author of the books Crusading Doctor and A Doctor for the People and considered nationally to be the “Father of the Health Maintenance Organization” due to his pioneering work in Elk City in the 1930s, began medical school in 1903 and the practice of medicine in 1907. Ralph Nader, in the forward of Dr. Shadid’s book remarked “No better example of service can be recounted than that rendered by Dr. Michael Shadid and his sons. They practiced medicine as if only people mattered”

After graduating from Heritage Hall High School in Oklahoma City and Northwestern University in Chicago with a major in Political Science, Dr. Shadid attended Medical School at the University of Oklahoma and graduated as a member of the AOA Medical Honor Society in 1995. Dr. Shadid then traveled to New York City where he worked in the St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center as part of the Columbia University Hospital Affiliation as a General Surgery Intern and then as an Orthopaedic Surgery Resident graduating in 2000. Dr. Shadid then performed a fellowship in spinal surgery and interventional pain management at the San Francisco Spine Institute and returned to start a practice in Oklahoma City in 2001. Partnered with Dr. Gentian Meta at Spine and Pain Care of Oklahoma, Dr. Shadid provides a cutting edge hybridization of spinal surgery and interventional pain management which eliminates the need for visits to multiple specialists. Drawing upon the diverse elements of his training, Dr. Shadid works to individualize treatment plans for each patient that incorporate the least invasive options with the greatest possible opportunity for long-term efficacy. Dr. Shadid is heavily involved in research in the field of neuromodulation whereby electrical stimulation of the spinal cord is utilized to minimize nerve pain in various areas of the body.

Dr. Shadid is a devoted father of three children whose community involvement includes medical missions and support of Calm Waters, a foundation for children and adults affected by the grief of death and divorce, and a supporter of the Allied Arts and the Sierra Club. Dr. Shadid is an avid fan of yoga, especially with his children, as well as travel with his children in the outdoors. Dr. Shadid is a vegetarian and enjoys organic, locally produced food, especially that distributed by the Oklahoma Food Cooperative.

Dr. Shadid feels most impassioned when thinking and discussing the health of the planet and its inhabitants. Concerns about the health of Oklahomans, especially the epidemics of obesity and nicotine dependence, have pervaded his medical practice since inception. Investigation into the industrialization and mass production of food has led Dr. Shadid to champion the marginalization of the fast food industry and processed foods and the support of the local farmer delivering organic produce to Oklahoma’s citizens. Dr. Shadid has agonized over the impact of fossil-fuel dependence on the environment and has designed his home to be solar powered and “off the grid” and has extensively studied and utilized “green building” designed to minimize impact on the environment and maximize indoor air quality of the home.

Having been concerned about the environment, Dr. Shadid reached out to politicians to offer financial support to those who offered ardent support of the environment. Those conversations saddened Dr. Shadid as he did not feel well represented by either the Democrats and Republicans in terms of truly innovative or devoted ways of protecting the environment and shifting towards a greater preponderance of renewable energy both to protect the environment and diversify and grow Oklahoma’s economy. Dr. Shadid found solace over the years in discussing not only environmental issues but also a multitude of social issues with local and national members of the Green Party. To his dismay, however, it was learned that Oklahoma law erects Hurculean obstacles to any party other that the Democrats and Republicans gaining access to the ballot in Oklahoma elections. Having been caught in his vehicle in the recent tornado near Love’s country store on I-40 and Choctaw Road, and being in touch with both the frailty of life and a need to be able to look back at life and feel he had done what he felt was healthy for the planet and its inhabitants, Dr. Shadid decided to self finance an independent bid for Oklahoma House of Representative District 85 seeking the endorsement of the Green Party. Dr. Shadid knows of no other democracy in the developed world which only has two political parties and of which political parties conspire to so severely restrict electoral participation by any nascent political party. Furthermore, of particular concern is the obscene cost of the political process in Oklahoma which all but mandates third-party financing and by extension, control, by corporate and private financial interests.

Dr. Shadid is not aware of any Independent or non-Democrat/Republican politician being successfully elected to the Oklahoma Legislature in the last 50 years. He intends to be the first.

For more information contact: info@voteshadid.org

Shadid Campaign website (coming soon): www.voteshadid.org

Green Party of Oklahoma: www.okgreens.org

Green Party of the US: www.gp.org

Green Party Watch News Network

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  1. Shadid, my doctor whom hasn’t been on time to any of my appointments. Edward, the renowned Dr. Shadid, the very same ” Gentleman ” that takes his employees the pretty ones anyway to late night lounges, extravagant trips to New York city again, the pretty ones only.
    This man, hasn’t made it on time to one single appointment in over a year, shame on you Doctor Edward Shadid. I hope everyone really investigates, before hitting the polls.
    You will not get my vote sir, see you very soon, concerned voter.

  2. I agree with Mrs. Smith. Everyone needs to check Dr Shadid out, who also used to go by Dr shadeed. He is just not an honest man! Will not receive my vote!

  3. Mrs. Smith/York,

    Your character assassination will not work here.

    Are you two in fact the very same person?

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